On the application of biologically active supplement Mnogolet of ArtLife in general clinical practice.

Krasnoyarsk State Medical Academy.
Among the indications for dietary supplements Mnogolet of (the company ARTLIFE, Tomsk) marked prevention and comprehensive treatment of atherosclerosis, stress conditions, intestinal dysbiosis, living in ecologically unfavorable regions, chronic inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract, etc. 
Study of the efficacy of the drug was carried out on the basis of the therapeutic department of the republican hospital 1 of Kyzyl Republic of Tuva in 60 patients aged 20 to 60 years (average age 39.8 years). The treatment course lasted 3 weeks, dose 4 tablets per day in two divided doses with meals. Surveyed were 12 men and 48 women. On nosological forms patients was as follows: 20 patients suffered from coronary heart disease (CHD), 15 were diagnosed with hypertension, 12 patients had been exposed to the diagnosis postmiokarditicheskogo cardiosclerosis; suffered from rheumatism in 5 patients and 8 patients were inpatient treatment for diffuse toxic goiter .
The control group consisted of 58 patients of similar age and gender. Distribution of patients according to nosological forms were not statistically different from the main group. Patients with the study and control group received the pathogenetic and symptomatic therapy.
Clinical examination of patients included physical methods, blood pressure measurement, recording the electrocardiogram, blood chemistry to control lipid profile, routine methods - blood tests and urine tests.
As a result of therapy among patients who received supplements ARTLIFE many years of experience, 80% reported improvement in overall well-being, increased appetite, normalization of stool and sleep, stabilize blood pressure, whereas in the control group, the figure was only 64%. Improvement of repolarization on the ECG was noted in 16% higher in the intervention group compared with controls. Another interesting fact is that, in general, significantly improved blood lipid profile in patients taking many years of experience, compared with the control, by reducing the levels of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and raise HDL. Significant change in our performance triglycerides were observed.
Leukocytosis in peripheral blood and ESR were lower in the intervention group compared with control at hospital discharge, although the differences were not statistically significant.
Patients and physicians are not noted side effects from the use of many years of experience, such as allergic reactions, dyspepsia, eosinophilia in peripheral blood. In conclusion, we should say that BAA ART LIFE many years of experience can be recommended by us in the complex treatment of the above diseases.