Report on clinical trials of dietary supplement firms ArtLife MNOGOLET of experience in the practice of medical geriatrics.

EV Smolkin, NP Krayushkin, SSMU, Tomsk
Purpose of research: assessment of biologically active additives to food supplements ARTLIFE MNOGOLET of experience in patients with geriatric age groups - those over 60 years. 
The task: to study the effect of BAA ART LIFE many years of treatment outcome of patients with cardiac profile of patients with gastroenterological diseases. 
Materials and methods
Bioadditive MNOGOLET of experience (the production company ART LIFE) as a biologically active food supplement was assigned 10 patients (including 8 women and 2 men). The patients' age from 62 to 75 years. To conduct the study were selected patients suffering from these diseases: the four - hypertension, one had CHD, correlated surgery; two patients was dominated by the phenomenon TSVB, five - diseases of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract: chronic cholecystitis, chronic colitis, Of these, two - the abnormal development of intestines - Dolichosigmoid. (Diagnosed after radiographic examination, a colonoscopy.) Clinically the patients complained of spontaneous abdominal pain, bloating, constipation tendency to up to three days in connection with what had to resort to receive laxatives. Disease duration ranged from 5 to 20 years. 
In general, the analysis of blood, urine, blood biochemical analysis there was no change.
Diagnoses were established on the basis of clinical, anamnestic data and para clinical examinations.
Patients taking the drug, regardless of the meal, 1-2 tablets daily for 15-30 days.
After two weeks from the start taking the medication three patients reported improvement of general well-being: to reduce fatigue, lethargy, increased work capacity. In patients with gastrointestinal pathology on the second day returned to normal stools, bloating phenomenon disappeared, rumbling and pain. In two patients the state without the speakers.
During reception of biologically active additives to food MNOGOLET of side effects were detected. 
Laboratory values within normal limits.
Stable hemodynamics.
Conclusion: Given the above, we can recommend dietary supplements ART LIFE MNOGOLET of experience as a preventive tool to improve the quality of life, the normalization of gastrointestinal function in patients of older age groups.