Presentation of the line Incaps


Oily skin is always brought his owners a lot of trouble and experiences. This is not surprising: a permanent shine, dull complexion, enlarged pores and a thicker stratum corneum, pimples and acne can make a miserable life of any person.
For oily skin on the face is almost always visible large pores. This is a consequence of the fact that some fatty acids from sebum thicken the upper stratum corneum. Thickening creates pressure, which expands the pores, turning them into a funnel-shaped craters. To this is added, and the fact that sebum binds much moisture. From this region has further vzbuhayut, and there is a typical picture of a porous skin. This is compounded by acne, which are almost always formed in the advanced stages, further enhancing them.
In order to understand how to properly care for oily and problematic skin to start to understand what is the reason for the emergence of problems?
The sebaceous glands of the skin that are working more intensely than usual, and produce much sebum. Blame should be the hormonal system - namely, the male hormone testosterone. They activate the sebaceous glands. But oily skin does not indicate an excess of this hormone is neither male nor female. Just sebaceous glands are an individual, the inherited sensitivity to this hormone. Therefore, in some cases, problems arise in adolescence and ends at 25-27 years, and sometimes stay for a lifetime. And even the best care hereditary program change can not. However, cosmetics can do many things: removes shine, would reduce enlarged pores, reduce inflammation and prevent new acne, eliminate their consequences in the form of scars or skin tuberosity.
Consolation can only be that oily skin for longer stays young. Sebum covers the skin of the natural protective film that protects it from harmful environmental exposures, and also prevents it from dehydration. Women with oily skin wrinkles much later than others.
In fact, if properly cared for oily skin gives exactly the same problems as the dry or sensitive. The main thing - to control the production of sebum that the skin is not shining, and the pores remain open.
Humanity has long ago is not the lead of nature. For several thousand years, humans have successfully compete with their disadvantage. The long history of this conflict has accumulated a huge amount of resources and tricks that help owners of oily skin look beautiful and elegant.
Huge assortment of cosmetic products for oily and problem skin, which exists in the market today, does not always produce the desired result. It would seem that these cosmetic products contain the nutrients that can make your skin healthy. But why not always have an effect?
There are several reasons, including:
1. incompatibility of ingredients
2. inability to deliver the necessary substances into the deeper layers of skin
3. short period of exposure
4. loss of useful properties of the components over time
As a result, beneficial effects of cosmetics on skin weakens.
That's why our experts, specialists Artlife developed a special technology. After all, the latest technology allow to create the perfect cosmetic product that will be able to solve a variety of tasks. That is, such technology lies at the basis of the line Incaps. This - the technology of encapsulation.
Innovative technology encapsulation has several advantages:
1 advantage. Combining in one formulation of incompatible or poorly soluble components
2 advantages. Delivery of active ingredients into the deeper layers of skin
3 advantages. Providing a gradual release of active substances for long-acting
4 advantage. It is believed that when you first open the jar of cream is oxidized to 37% of the nutrients included in the cosmetic. For each subsequent use of tools useful properties lose another 14% active ingredients. That's why all the existing components are placed in special microcapsules. This allows the maximum preservation of high biological activity of each ingredient.
Company Artlife also used the best active ingredients of plant origin to create a product line Incaps, make skin glow, matte, fresh and healthy look. These facilities fully meet the needs of oily and problem skin, which allows to feel beautiful and confident. Means this line to regulate the activities of the sebaceous glands and revitalizes the skin.
For oily, problem skin is very important systematic and proper care. This will gradually get rid of all skin problems.
The program of care for oily and problematic skin
I stage of purification
Stage II moisture and frosting
Stage III special care
Stage IV correction of metabolism from the inside
I stage of purification
The ideal treatment for oily and problematic skin begins with non-aggressive cleansing without the use of alcohol and alkali.
On greasy skin faster than the dry, lay the dust and dirt. Condition is aggravated by oily skin, so it requires more frequent cleaning procedures.
Recommend that you use mousse Incaps, it is designed specifically for everyday cleansing.
Balanced formula based on natural ingredients supports a physiological balance of the epidermis, tightens pores and matting the skin.
Peach leaf extract restores the local immunity of skin, has a marked antioxidant effect, preventing the oxidation of sebum.
Salicylic acid and zinc have a pronounced anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, normalizes the secretion of the sebaceous glands, prevent the formation of comedones, limit the spread of bacteria.
As a result, the skin becomes perfectly clean and matte, and color of the face - fresh.
Stage II moisture and frosting
Maintain oily skin in a decent form of challenge. Oily skin is caused by sebum, and for water balance are responsible epidermal lipids. Therefore, even oily skin can be dehydrated and require moisturizing at the same time de-oiling.
The innovative formula Matting cream Incaps gradually moistens the skin and provides active components, removes the shine, and gives the skin matte.
Face Cream matting is designed specifically for the daily care of oily and problematic skin.
Light texture of this medium restores normal moisture levels and provides excellent long-matting effect, due to microparticles, absorbs excess sebum.
Black currant oil - a natural source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, volatile, trace elements, vitamins C, E, F.
These fatty acids are involved in a number of physiological processes that are vital to the body.
Black currant oil is used specifically for skin diseases, especially acne.
In this case, the seed oil, black currant stimulates the protective function of the skin and intensively nourish the epidermis, normalize lipid metabolism, eliminates the flaking and irritation. Ensures the recovery of the lipid barrier and damaged skin structure.
Part of the bioactive complex (producer Sederma) normalizes the secretion of the sebaceous glands and prevents the development and reproduction of bacteria, reduces inflammation of the skin, and corrects its external defects. is a mixture of 3 active ingredients and is designed for the integrated treatment of oily, acne-prone skin
Suppression of activity of the enzyme 5-a reductase

Oleanolic acid
from the fruit of the olive tree
Regulation of keratin +
Anti-inflammatory effect

Antibacterial action


Oleanolic, nordigidrogvayaretovaya acid and osmotic gel - completely inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause acne. 68% reduced the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase, responsible for the excess sebum.
The skin takes on matte, fresh and healthy, flawless look.
Many of us had to deal with the problem of the appearance of acne on the skin.
Acne (acne) - a disease of the sebaceous glands. Usually, acne are inflammatory nodules (pimples) red, often painful, as well as noninflammatory comedones, which are painless black dots. Acne located on the face, neck, chest and back. Most often, acne occurs in adolescents, but in some cases it may recur until the age of 40 and sometimes over a lifetime.
Why there is acne?
There is no single cause of acne is not there.
The main mechanisms of development of acne are two:
1.usilennoe formation of sebum
2. clogging the mouth of the follicle
Activity of the sebaceous glands markedly increases during puberty. Under the influence of androgens accelerates the formation of new cells in the sebaceous glands and follicles (keratinization). Desquamated cells within the follicle grows. Mass of keratin (desquamated cells), mixed with a lot of sebum can clog the mouth of the follicle. So there is a tube - comedo or blackhead (mechanism of its formation is shown in the figure).
Meanwhile, the enhanced formation of sebum continues. Tube does not allow him out on the skin surface, and the follicle swells from fat. Sometimes there is a rupture of the follicle.
In corked follicle accumulate bacteria. Activity of bacteria causes an inflammation of the follicle. So there are elements of the inflammatory acne - acne. Rupture the follicle leads to the spread of inflammation to surrounding tissue.
Factors leading to the appearance of acne (as well as its progression), worsening clinical course and development of complications:
· Inadequate or improper care of the skin, irregular or improper cleaning it, contributing to blockage of sebaceous glands, impairing the outflow of sebaceous secretions and infection.
· Abuse of fatty foods, milk and some other foods, leading to overproduction of secretions of the sebaceous glands (increased saloobrazovaniyu).
· Self (squeezing pimples) especially in unsanitary conditions, leading to the accession of staphylococcal and streptococcal bacterial infection.
Stage III special care. The cream of local action
Struggle with acne, as follows from the description of the processes leading to their appearance, should include - regulation of secretion of sebum, the normalization process of keratinization in the sebaceous glands, creating conditions for free flow of sebum from the ducts, control inflammation (including the regulation of population acne). Do not forget about the restoration of skin barrier function, which will put an obstacle in the way of the bacteria tend to settle in the sebaceous glands. Normalization of sebum secretion is a key moment in the fight against acne.
Acne treatment (acne) and preventing its re-emergence can be tricky, because often experiment with different drugs and cosmetics.
You also can experiment with different drugs and cosmetics. Such searches can take a long time and cost you considerable money. But a man is precisely to use not only his, but someone else's experience. That's years of experience in health and beauty industry, unique technologies, proven effective, will allow specialists to create a unique Company Artlife cream of local action line Incaps.
We recommend that you use this cream, as he purposefully affects the source of inflammation, allowing you to quickly stop their development at an early stage to prevent the appearance of new inflammatory elements, and significantly reduce the existing problem of the phenomenon.
The sooner you start using cream of local action, the sooner you get long-awaited result.
After all, you need a result, is not it!
Part of the glycolic acid gently removes dead skin cells from the skin and cleanses clogged pores, providing a high bioavailability of active ingredients.
Part of the sulfur cream dries beautifully and removes skin blemishes, inhibits the growth of bacteria and also inhibits the formation of comedones.
Company Artlife first used β-cyclodextrin for the inclusion of sulfur.
β-cyclodextrin - a substance derived on an industrial scale by microbial transformation of starch.
Due to its unique characteristics β-cyclodextrin carries sulfur in the deep layers of the skin and simultaneously acts as a stabilizer of the active components, reduces the volatility of the active molecules, masking unpleasant odor and irritation.
Functions of β-cyclodextrin
• Agent for the microencapsulation
• active ingredients more active
• Protection of materials from external factors influence
• non-irritating
• Stabilizer
• unfavorable environment for microbial growth

Copper complex of chlorophyll-vegetable antiseptic well reduces inflammation and promotes healing of wounds. Due to copper by a powerful bactericidal action with respect to staphylococci, streptococci, anaerobes, pneumococcus, the yeast cells.
Cream soothes irritation and relieves pain in a short period of time. In addition, it normalizes the process of cellular renewal in the epidermis, gradually returning to problem skin to a healthy state.
Stage IV correction of metabolism from the inside
The solution of problems of the skin is possible only if the complex combination of cosmeceutical (outside) with the reception of biologically active compounds that support the most important for the development of biochemical processes (inside).
Care from the inside, made a bioactive complex «INCAPS», which contributes to more efficient action of cosmetics.
«INCAPS» - this is a new multivitamin complex, which helps normalize the metabolism and function of the sebaceous glands. Ingredients complex anti-inflammatory effect, improves blood circulation and regulate the redox reactions in each cell, creating a protective barrier against external influences.
INCAPS also has a purposeful action to improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails, improves the immune system, supports the vitality and efficiency, improves the emotional status.
This is due to the complex action of the active ingredients:
Iodine (I) stimulates the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, prevents the development of obesity, prevents brittle hair and nails, provides skin health. It promotes the preservation of health.
Nicotinamide (N) gives the skin a healthy appearance, is essential for the synthesis of many proteins, particularly keratin - the main protein derivative skin - nails and hair. In addition, this vitamin is important for the synthesis of phospholipids, which form the basis of all cellular membranes. This vitamin maintains a healthy nervous system and brain activity, increases blood circulation and reduces high blood pressure.
Vitamin C (C) has a powerful antioxidant effect, regulates the redox reactions in every cell of the body, is involved in the regulation of blood coagulation, carbohydrate metabolism, and improves tissue regeneration, the main regulator of the synthesis of collagen, which provides the elasticity of the skin. Vitamin C prevents the earlier appearance of wrinkles.
Vitamin A (A) improves the condition of the epithelium, collagen synthesis, provides a healthy skin and mucous membranes.
Vitamin P, or rutin, (P) strengthens capillary walls, prevents bruising, improves microcirculation and skin color. Important in the prevention and treatment of bleeding gums.
Silver (S) stimulates the body's defenses, inhibits the up to 700 pathogens and does not affect the viability of the friendly flora of the body. It is a powerful yet completely safe natural antiseptic.
- Recovery of metabolism, to improve the structure of the skin, hair and nails 
- in the recovery period after diseases, including infectious 
- with increased physical and mental stress 
- adolescents in the period of active growth 
- for the prevention of avitaminosis