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Our life - is crazy rhythm, a cascade of events, meetings. Our time is always limited, but we just need to look good, because it is key to our success and prosperity. Our skin is choking on smog and industrial pollution in big cities. Ultraviolet rays burn the shrouds of our skin, it loses water - an important source of life. Every second man's body attack millions of free radicals, they pass through the damaged skin, affecting the blood vessels, tissues and joints. All this has a negative impact not only on our appearance, suffer all the vital organs, interruption of the general health of our body. 
Can we resist the aggression of the environment? Can we neutralize the effects of poor nutrition, inadequate physical activity? Can we give an extraordinary lightness, beauty and harmony of our skin? ... Yes!
Today Artlife Company has a functional cosmetics! It performs its functions! It ensures proper operation of all functions of the skin! Functional Cosmetics acts, works! Functional cosmetics from Artlife purposefully decide every single issue of health and beauty skin!
Through many years of research and collaboration with internationally recognized laboratories to create the most modern cosmetic formulations, the company's specialists have made the transition Artlife conventional cosmetics to a qualitatively new level. Today we present you a new generation of highly effective skin care products - is cosmeceuticals. Cosmeceuticals occupy an intermediate position between traditional cosmetics and medicines contain biologically active substances in high concentrations, have a therapeutic effect on skin and hair
Artlife Company for many years creating original recipes cosmetics.
All components in the formulations of Artlife natural origin, their effectiveness has been proven scientifically. But most importantly - by choosing one or another ingredient in the formulation, experts Artlife emphasize its biocompatibility with the human skin! Any ingredient FC perceived skin as akin to her stuff. The skin can easily and seamlessly integrate the biologically active substance in its structure.
The most distinctive feature of all of FC for the care of the body - is a mechanism of guaranteed delivery of biologically active substances into the deeper layers of skin, just where the other beauty products simply do not penetrate! These traditional cream remain on the skin surface of useless film, distorting the skin to function normally.
Special delivery technology BAV in the deeper layers of skin called - transdermal transport. What is its essence? You are well aware that the skin consists of several layers - the top layer (cornea) may miss the only fat-soluble substance. Deeper layer of skin - the dermis - may miss only water-soluble.
Every day our skin needs a huge collection of a wide variety of nutrients - they can be fat-soluble and water soluble. But how to make the necessary health and beauty skin of biologically active substances are so different in nature, were able to pass through all layers of the skin, reaching his goal - to return your skin's health, youth and beauty ..? Is there a mechanism?
Company Artlife represents an absolute innovation in the field of cosmeceuticals - management of the transport active substances through the various layers of skin! But how is this possible? There is unique in its natural structure of a substance - Cremophor RH 40. Why is it unique? In its structure it is similar with both lipophilic (fat-soluble substances absorbing) a horny layer and the hydrophilic (water-soluble substances absorbing) dermis. The introduction of Cremophor in the formula cosmeceutical means he splits the BAS to nano-sized envelopes and concludes at BAU nanocapsules, which allows for rapid transdermal transport of active ingredients into the deeper layers of skin.
Introduction to FC propose to start with a line of cleansing facial, which includes foam and emulsion for removing makeup.
Skin Care - one of the aspirations of a woman's life, through which she tries to look beautiful and attractive. Cosmetics, street dust, - all these bear a great burden on the skin and requires appropriate care.
In order to permanently preserve youthfulness of skin, you need your daily beauty care.
Proper care begins with a major cleaning and removal of all the excess skin. No woman thinks facial without daily cleaning. And it's really important.
Thorough cleaning helps remove bacteria and irritating external agents, which can harm the skin. Daily cleansing frees the pores, removes odors, reduces the risk of skin diseases, improve the skin breath.
After clearing the blood circulation is stimulated, which helps the growth of healthy new cells, the acquisition of soft and healthy looking skin. The skin should be cleaned in the morning and before bed - this will give her a chance to breathe and regenerate itself. Wash your hands before touching your face, and always use clean, fresh towel or a towel for your face.
Specialists Artlife suggest you choose the cleanser, depending on the characteristics of your skin and your individual habits.
One of the first means to purify it was soap. Of course, it cleans the skin from dirt, sweat, secretions of the sebaceous glands, but the soap has an alkaline environment and disrupts the acid balance of the protective layer of skin or ph-balance. It causes irritation, reddening, peeling, itching.
Existing market cleansers for washing everything in one degree or another in their composition containing soap, which is not acceptable for daily care of the fragile skin. Foam Makeup Remover FC in its composition does not contain soap, specially created for those who prefer to clean the skin with water.
Air foam gently cleanses the skin of makeup and dirt, creating a feeling of freshness and comfort. It softens, soothes and prevents skin overdrying. Natural surfactant, based on the essential amino acids oats thoroughly cleanses without disturbing the natural hydro-lipid balance of the skin. Part of the mate extract activates cell respiration of skin, has a powerful antioxidant effect. Jojoba oil enhances the protective function of the skin, prevents it from dehydration.
As a result, skin becomes clean, healthy and flawless.
For particularly delicate and sensitive skin prone to allergies and irritations specialists developed emulsion makeup remover that does not require rinsing with water.
This soft Cleanser gently removes makeup and impurities from the skin around the eyes and face without irritating it. It softens and soothes the skin, giving exceptional comfort. The emulsion has a ph identical to tears, so well tolerated, does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eye. Extract the material stimulates the microcirculation, improves complexion and has a strong antioxidant effect. This is to protect the lipids of the barrier layer of the skin cell membranes, and skin tissue from oxidative damage.
Skin is well cleaned and ready for the next stages of care.
The next care product line FC eye cream.
Anti-aging for women usually begins with the skin around the eyes, as it is here that there are the first age-related problems: the skin loses its freshness, there are lumps and small wrinkles. And no wonder: in the eye layer of the epidermis is very thin - just half a millimeter. In addition, around the eyes is almost no oil glands, "padding" of the subcutaneous fat and very little muscle in support of its elasticity. Collagen fibers ("fittings" of the skin) are located here in a grid, so the skin is easily expandable century. And because of the looseness of the subcutaneous tissue is also prone to edema. In addition, she is constantly in motion: the eyes blink, blink, smile. " The skin around the eyes are at particular load. All this leads to the fact that the skin around the eyes is from 20-25 years old in need of special care, which includes cleansing, moisturizing.
The earliest wrinkles on his face appear on the lower and upper eyelids. Of course, the main reason for their appearance - the natural aging of the skin.
Degradation, or reverse the development of skin begins at 22-23 years. This process is imperceptible, gradual, and therefore relevant to calm him, the more that the first results are practically invisible. They become much closer to 30 years.
But if we remember that we live in an ecologically unfavorable environment, sort of rassadnitse radicals, we will understand why the residents of large cities already in the 25 years of skin around the eyes covered by a network of fine wrinkles. And if we also do not cares for the skin around the eye, not cherish it, wrinkles can appear sooner.
First wrinkles around the eyes - mimic. Quite often they appear in nearsighted people who are accustomed to constantly squint. They tend, and emotional people, of whom usually say that they "all written on his face." By the way, mimic wrinkles - the most complex, they are virtually impossible to remove with cosmetic procedures.
Among other reasons for the appearance of wrinkles can be called the physiological characteristics of the structure of the face (deep-set eyes, drooping eyelids), heredity (eg, there are people who have a tendency to early wrinkles laid genetically), as well as the lack of special care for the delicate skin around the eyes.
Begin to take care of the skin around the eyes need as soon as possible. One of the main principles: the skin around the eyes requires special care.
Another problem that may occur - is swelling under the eyes. They are formed due to several reasons:
· Violation of lymphatic drainage
· Irritation and inflammation
· Fragility of vessel walls
· Consequence of disease (problems with metabolism, kidney disease)
· Loss of skin elasticity
Often, the man himself contributes to the formation of edema and swelling under the eyes and as a consequence - the deterioration of the external form as a whole. Lack of sleep, improper lifestyle, stress - this is not an exhaustive list of situations on the line leading to these problems.
Precisely in order to solve the complex problems articulated above, the company Artlife was developed by eye cream.
Before the application of the cream should be a thorough cleansing of the skin around the eyes, with the emulsion for removing makeup.
The effectiveness of the cream depends on how you thoroughly cleanse the skin. Even if you do not use decorative cosmetics - should still hold cleansing, a day on the skin of accumulated dust, microbes (skin touched with dirty hands).
Eye cream
Light cream, very rich specially selected plant extracts, is a means of regular use. Prevents the appearance of deep and fine wrinkles and crow's feet, smooths them if they have already appeared. Cream perfectly moisturizes and protects the delicate skin around the eyes. Thanks to corrective pigments, optical reduces wrinkles and skin imperfections.
! Cream can be used as a mask. To do this you need to clear
eyes and lightly apply the cream, a denser layer. Do not apply close to lashes. Relax with your eyes closed for 20 minutes. Surplus blot with a tissue.
The cream contains a patented complex Eyeliss (Eylis) - very effective and versatile ingredient. He has a complex effect on all of the major causes of bags, puffiness under eyes, neutralizes free radicals, restores skin elasticity.
Patented Complex EYELISS - lipopeptides, works in three ways:
1. stimulates production of collagen and elastic fibers, thereby forming a rather solid framework reduces the permeability of capillary walls - the liquid part of blood does not flow into the intercellular space
2. reduces the permeability of capillary walls - the liquid part of blood does not flow into the intercellular space
3. stimulates lymphatic drainage - activates the lymph drainage
Measuring the distance between the surfaces of "bag" before and after treatment
The next line FC - it's pampering.
The first cosmeceutical product from the line of body care - is a gentle but effective gel-scrub shower FC.
Proved that dead cells accumulate on the surface of the skin. The skin is no longer breathe fully, it becomes dull and gray.
To keep skin in good condition, you must regularly conduct its deep cleaning - exfoliation.
Let us see what is peeling?
Ability to regenerate - the most important properties of the skin, without which she could not serve as a barrier between the organism and the environment. The slightest flaw in it can be fatal, so the reaction to the damage occurs immediately. Signal for the work of reconstruction is any traumatic effects: scratch, scratch, burn, exfoliating horny scales, etc.
Peeling is one cosmetic procedure that is based on this unique ability of the skin. During the peel is removed and the upper horny layer zastarevshy cells, as well as the upgrade process runs skin, greatly improving its elasticity, the penetration into the skin moisturizing and nutrient resources.
Unfortunately, with age, the renewal of the body are slowed down, as well as the processes of renewal and regeneration are similar, people have learned to control the regeneration by stimulating its controlled damage to the epidermis. In the process of regenerating the body produces elastin and collagen, forming the young tissue: the skin is tightened, smoother, rejuvenated.
The aim is to improve the cosmetic peel appearance and the extension of youth. Already after one procedure of peeling using gel-scrub shower from the FC you will notice that the skin became smooth, velvety, has acquired an even matte finish.
Exfoliating properties of gel-scrub provides stunning component, which is created by nature and by the latest scientific achievements faceted in perfect shape. The company's specialists Artlife refused to use in your recipe traumatic skin, shell or stone fruits and nuts or synthetic granules of polyethylene. At the heart of the gel scrub lies entirely new component - a perfectly smooth sphere of silicon dioxide! These tiny particles of spherical shape gently remove dead cells, while improving the micro skin, stimulating the microcirculation and cell regeneration, making the skin more elastic. It should be noted that silicon dioxide has an incredible ability - he absorbs all the dirt, sebum, dead cells and washed off with water.
A combination of nutritional properties of wheat and Moisturizing Complex - Restores moisture balance of skin, creating on its surface a protective film that helps keep moisture in the deeper layers of the epidermis.
Application of gel-scrub frees the skin from the surface layer of cells, thereby improves the oxygen supply of the skin and increases its susceptibility to the action of other body products line of Functional Cosmetics.
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After such a deep cleansing our skin prepared for moisture - a necessary procedure to maintain the physiological balance in the tissues of the epidermis. It is known that the number of sebaceous glands in the skin of an average of 9 times less than the face. Therefore, the skin is the body produces insufficient amount of lipids. Lipids are the primary substance that enables skin to retain moisture and prevent its evaporation, and also provides its protective function. Cream Spray instantly moisturizes and softens the skin, visibly improving its appearance. In the cream include: camellia oil, Shea butter and Vitamin E. Included in the camellia oil essential fatty acids are the building blocks of the lipid layer, allow the skin to retain moisture and prevent its evaporation, thus preventing dehydration process. This natural moisturizing oil has a revitalizing and rejuvenating effect. Shea butter and vitamin E have a moisturizing, nourishing and regulating action. All these components have a high antioxidant, neutralizing harmful free radicals, stimulate the processes of cellular regeneration and affect the synthesis of collagen. Another distinctive feature of the silicon spray for the body - skin protection from negative environmental influences and UV - radiation. It is perfectly promotes healing of small wounds and is an indispensable tool for redness and sunburn.
This stunning cream spray can restore the most dry, chapped skin, prone to atopic dermatitis and other allergic reactions.
With the gradual action of moisturizing ingredients of cream, the skin remains smooth and silky, making the process of moistening the skin in a sensual ritual.
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Company specialists Artlife offer you cosmeceutical funds for special care for the body.
We present you the cream modeling, it is designed specifically to address the problems of cellulite and reduction of skin elasticity.
And was designed for women, because it is proved that the female and male fat tissue are completely different in structure.
Which allows to achieve this effect?
First of all, carefully selected components, created by nature itself. These components are united in a single formula gives unbelievable results!
At the heart of the cream - special lipolytic complex of plant origin, which helps to reduce the volume of the body and helps to remove skin texture. L-carnitine and caffeine break down lipids and facilitate their active excretion from the body, have a marked effect of the simulator. Garcinia cambogia extract accelerates the process of burning fat and prevents their recurrence. Grapeseed oil activates lipid metabolism, restores skin elasticity, strengthens capillaries.
With regular use, the cream the skin becomes smoother and more elastic.
Recommendations for use:
Apply daily to problem areas of the body is massaged. The action of the cream will intensify if the wrap problem areas with a special film. Wraps to help fight cellulite, they tighten, smooths the skin, improving lymphatic flow and nourish the skin cells. After 20 minutes, remove foil. Then gently massage to stay on skin cream to absorb. In order to achieve quick results in 20 minutes after applying the cream and wrapping film - take active exercise, the duration of which shall be not less than 40 minutes.
Next cosmeceutical agent.
Body Cream with restoring antivarikoznym has a strong effect. The urgency of this cream is enormous - in fact today, about 70% of the world in one degree or another are faced with symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency.
Let's see, what are varicose veins?
The term "varicose" comes from the Latin word varix, which means "node swelling. Varicose veins - venous disease, in which they swell and act boldly under the skin. The disease can affect veins anywhere on the body, but the most susceptible to varicose veins in the legs and feet. On the veins lower body has high blood pressure when standing and walking, so they are more prone to varicose veins.
Causes of Varicose Veins

The veins on the legs carry blood back to the heart, so they are under high pressure, which makes them susceptible to varicose veins. This disease indicates a congenital or acquired deficiency valve surface, deep and communicating veins. If the valves do not cope with normal blood flow and transfer of blood to the heart, it stagnates, and by the pressure increase, and twisted veins. Cause of varicose veins - weak venous valves, which prevents the reverse flow of blood from the heart.

Factors contributing to varicose veins

Increased pressure on the veins of genetically weak wall - a long distance on foot or sedentary work, lifting and carrying heavy objects, wearing shoes with high heels, lack of movement of leg muscles are the main contributing factors for the development of varicose veins and varicose symptom complex.

What are the symptoms we call:
· Changes of the skin (pronounced capillary image)
· Feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs
· Discomfort, pain in legs
· Leg edema
· Hematoma

Body lotion to restore - is a highly cosmetic is designed specifically to strengthen the vessel walls, improving tone and elasticity of capillaries.
A central component of the cream - an extract of the leaves of red grapes. Complex polyphenols red wine enhances the venous wall, increases the tone of the veins and the elasticity of small blood vessels, ensures normal blood flow, removes signs of superficial inflammation, with regular use helps to reduce the severity of the capillary network (asterisks). Anthocyanins, which give red vine leaves, have an antioxidant effect, protecting the wall of blood vessels and capillaries from damage by free radicals, reduce capillary fragility and reduce their permeability.
Horse chestnut extract helps reduce swelling, and removes the feeling of heaviness in the calf muscles, improves blood circulation. To achieve maximum effect in the cream are introduced and other active ingredients: bisabolol, caffeine, lemon balm and menthol.
Bisabolol has an intense anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, soothing activities. Caffeine improves blood circulation in tissues, stimulates metabolism, tones the skin. Extract of lemon balm soothes irritated and inflamed skin.
Menthol has local anesthetic effect, gently acting on nerve endings.
Body Cream is recommended for restoring any part of the body and face, where there is such an aesthetic problem as expressed in the capillary pattern or spider veins. Cream allows you to quickly recover after tissue injuries and bruises.
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I would like to say a few words about another vehicle from the Company Artlife - a body cream massage with thermal effect. The action of the cream is directed specifically at profilatkiku joint and muscle pain.
It is an important component of an extract of Siberian fir, which contains vitamins E, C and a set of trace elements, has a bactericidal and wound-healing effect, stimulates the regeneration of the skin. The complex of plant extracts: horse chestnut, willow and dandelion - have anti-inflammatory, anti, calming and analgesic effects. The extract of red pepper improves blood circulation, increased metabolism in the skin and has a warming effect deep and removes toxins and salt from the body. Shea Butter deeply nourishes skin, increases its protective functions, eliminates the discomfort and provides quality massage framework.
As a result, regular use of massage cream decreases pain in muscles, increased joint mobility, a significant reduction in terms of treatment of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
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And closes the line of body care products - Balsam FC! He is well known to you his limitless healing properties. Basis for this remarkable Balm Balm recipe was taken for the feet. Longstanding use of this tool showed that the range of its therapeutic and prophylactic properties is so broad that it was decided to rename Foot Balm and reinforce its action through a system of transdermal transport of biologically active substances into the deeper layers of skin.
What changes have occurred as a result?
Today, high-performance formula FC Balm is specially designed for the comprehensive care of the skin.
Due to its healing properties of silver fir oil and tea tree restores the protective function of the skin, have wound healing, antibacterial and antifungal action. Yarrow extract, allantoin and D-panthenol heal microtrauma of skin, nourish and soften it, remove peeling, activating the process of regeneration of the skin. Balm has restorative effects on the skin, has anti-inflammatory and deodorizing effect, and also protects the skin from environmental factors.
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Introducing the three product lines FC skincare hands and feet.
· Liquid soap
· Hand cream and nail
· Foot Cream
Liquid soap
What are the advantages of liquid soap to solid?
First of all, the advantages of liquid soap tied with ease of use. It does not take a lot of people with dirty hands, which is especially important for common areas. It does not slip out of hands, does not dry, or vice versa - does not soften the water. Easily and conveniently dosed, providing economical consumption. Liquid soap contains mild cleaning substance and the various softening, moisturizing and restorative ingredients that help prevent skin irritation. It does not affect the lipid balance of the skin and creates her slightly acidic environment. Or consider that the liquid soap forms a protective film that preserves the skin water-lipid mantle and does not dry the skin. Liquid soap fine saves any supplements that are in a solid soap under the influence of alkali rapidly destroyed. In addition, it has the most antiseptic effect, which is in a solid soap, because of the presence of alkali, much less. Also, the liquid substance can enter additional ingredients such as essential oils, herbal extracts, ascorbic acid, restore the natural acidity of the skin and serves natural preservative.
Liquid soap
The unique formula of liquid soap with a high content of natural organic ingredients enables effective natural skin care in the unfavorable environment of the city.
Gently cleanses without disturbing the lipid balance of the skin, and remains on the slightly acidic environment.
Chagi extract possesses powerful immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory, protects skin from harmful environmental impacts. Part of the extract of succession is a natural antiseptic that is very purifying the skin from bacteria, promotes healing of microcracks at the same time the epidermis. Liquid soap softens and moisturizes skin and protects it from drying.
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Hand care
As you know, your hands can tell a lot about a woman: it is possible to determine the age of the ladies, as well as to understand how much she loves herself. That is why hand care is so important for the fair sex.
Natural feature of the structure of the skin such that it can not protect itself. On the back surface of the brush is located few sebaceous glands, and on the palms of their non-existent. Various chemical agents, which we use in everyday life, causing irreparable damage to our skin. Throw in an adverse impact of environmental factors, such as cold, wind, humidity, and frequent hand washing, which dries the skin, and it becomes obvious that our hands and nails require a special relationship, gentle care and protection.
It is not necessary to visit the salon and spend crazy money on the many procedures to help keep young hands, the softness and tenderness. All that is necessary - it's a bit of time and desire to do hands care for its pleasant habit.
Company specialists have created Artlife hand cream and nail through Functional Cosmetics for the daily care that meets all the requirements of the modern woman.
His gentle touch will return your skin elasticity, will make it smooth and silky. Cream beautifully softens and nourishes the skin, has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, and prevents premature skin aging.
Its constituent cholesterol, and a succession of extracts chagi activate metabolic processes and restore the protective layer of the epidermis, helps to regenerate skin cells.
Cream well heals minor wounds and fractures that occur during prolonged exposure to aggressive environmental factors. He has a lean texture, easily and absorbs quickly, is economical to use.
Of the cream can also make a kind of "mask ". To do this, put the cream on your hands thicker than normal layer, then wear cotton gloves and leave the cream for several hours or overnight. Use: 2-3 times a week.
Do not Indulge yourself daily use cream for hands and nails FC, and your hands are beautiful and velvety, like a real queen!
Skin Care legs
Paying great attention to facial care and hair care, skin of the feet, we tend to remember just before the start of the summer season or when the problem becomes too obvious. During the day, our feet have huge loads. As a result - the formation of corns, calluses, cracked heels. These and many other problems, if not to give foot care neglected to fully manifest themselves over the years.
Buying beauty products for legs, we usually expect from him several effects: beauty care, skin hydration, elimination of cracks, protection against infections and inflammations, as well as effective and long-term elimination of odor.
Cope with all these tasks simultaneously may Foot Cream Line Functional Cosmetics, created by specialists Artlife on the basis of active natural ingredients.
Cream perfectly nourishes and softens the feet, eliminates excessive dryness and peeling, prevents the formation of cracks.
Its constituent ricinoleate, zinc and oil, farnesol larch prevent odor, have a deodorizing effect, inactivate bacteria, fungi, some viruses have wound-healing effect.
Green tea extract - a powerful antioxidant - has a good anti-inflammatory action, it activates blood circulation and strengthens the vascular wall.
Menthol instantly refreshes and creates a lasting feeling of lightness and comfort.
Daily use foot cream Functional Cosmetics will allow your feet to be soft and gentle, as well as retain their health and beauty for years to come.
Health of the skin depends on the general state of your body. Of natural beauty can be achieved only by combining the external cosmetic effects with support from the inside. While topical use preparations for the shortage of nutrients in the surface layers of the skin, balanced set of internal applications deliver vital substances into the bloodstream. This biosystem dual action is most effective for the return of your skin beauty and health.