Line for Hair

Probably right after all the French, argue that women create hair and shoes. Gait, straight back proud - this is from a good shoe, but the regal poise on outstretched neck - is already on the hair. 
What is a hair in our lives? Hair is the most prominent part of our appearance and, although the presence of hair is not a vital necessity for the existence of the body, they affect our state of mind. Hair can bring happiness or unhappiness, to lift the mood or lead to depression. Hair can say a lot.
Hair - a skin appendages (and nails). And the skin, in turn, reflects all that is happening with the nervous system and gastrointestinal tract. And besides, the hair can accumulate in the atmosphere of different pollution.
Variations in temperature, prolonged exposure to sunlight in the summer, painting, coloring, hair curlers, hair dryer can cause very harmful to your hair. Virtually everyone faces with these factors, and knows that they lead to damage to the hair structure. The hair becomes dull and brittle. In addition to external causes weakening of the hair, there are also internal (endogenous) - unhealthy diet, vitamins and difitsit meniralov, stress, insomnia, chronic fatigue.
If we assume that we eliminate the aggressive care (bad comb, hard water, hair dryer, low-quality shampoos, paints), it means:
- Hair reflects how we feel, etc.
- The hair - is the state of our nerves, stress and lack of sleep, jobs involving all hands at work.
Hence it is very logical conclusion follows: beautiful hair - a balanced diet, quiet (well, if stress, but only positive) life and a good outer hair care.
Deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals is a direct provocateur health problems of hair and scalp.
Accordingly, for restoring the health of your hair and scalp specialists Artlife developed biosystem double action.
Biosystem dual action has focused on the impact of specific problems of healthy hair and scalp. Taking the recommended range, depending on your problem, you restore the health of your hair and scalp from the inside. Applying the cosmeceutical care products for hair, restoring health and beauty from the outside.
Biosystem double-action «Beauty Inside» includes: 1.Vneshnee cosmeceuticals impact on individual sections of hair and scalp
2.Vnutrennee impact of nutraceuticals, ie, delivery of needed health and beauty hair nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
The word "cosmeceuticals " name skin care products.
This is an intermediate step between conventional and pharmaceuticals.
Scientific development - the basis of a cosmeceutical.
In their structure - components that provide a physiological effect on the skin. Active substances, health-restoring it and stimulating the process of cellular renewal: antioxidants, acids, extracts of medicinal plants.
Almost all the inhabitants of cities for that would preserve and restore the health of the hair, should be consumed in addition to kosmitsevtikov more and nutraceuticals. A unique combination of cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals has a complex effect on the beauty of the hair and scalp.
A functional approach to create a new line of cosmeceutical hair care Functional Cosmetics is:
- The systematic approach to caring for the beauty of skin and hair
- The intended effect and the solution to each problem
- The restoration, normalization and maintenance of skin functions
The functionality of cosmetic hair care products was confirmed by specialists.
Collaboration with a physician - trichologists allowed the most detailed study of the true causes of ill health of hair. TN Rodionova, a doctor - trichologist and a member of society trichologists Russia, says that in terms of Trichology, Hair Care, depending on the type of hair is not relevant. Care depends on the causes of ill health of hair - internal or external negative effects.
Artlife Company presents two lines of cosmetics for hair and scalp Functional Cosmetics.
The main line is designed for gentle care for healthy hair and weakened from within.
Repairing line is designed for hair damaged by chemical coloring, curling, with split ends.
Dull, lacking luster hair, slow growth, hair loss ...
... Even if you never doubted that your hair is fine, they still require daily care and protection from aggressive external environment.
Artlife Company is the basic line of health-care and weakened from within the hair and scalp.
Our hair is constantly exposed to corrosive environment, and as a consequence of healthy hair becomes dull, dirty quickly, slowing growth weakened from the inside of hair. To solve these problems created "The main line of hair care products."
The main line was created specifically for the regular, gentle cleansing and care of your hair. The line includes three products are directional:
The action of the shampoo base line aimed at preventing hair loss. But to start the prevention of hair loss, you must have at a young age. After all, we all know, that prevent any disease much easier than its cure.
German scientists have proved, caffeine, helps prevent hair loss. Active caffeine, which is part of the main line of shampoo is a natural stimulator of hair growth. It improves circulation of blood follicle stimulating hair growth.
Part of the coffee trimethylxanthine activates reserve hair follicles. Trimethylxanthine - a substance that improves the microcirculation and the access of oxygen and nutrients to tissues.
Shampoo core is a basic component of integrated care for healthy hair. It also contains a special extract of active substances horsetail, which increases the life cycle of hair.
Balsam main line fixes the action of shampoo, conditioners has a soft, easy combing. Harmonious combination of horsetail extract and jojoba oil have high penetrating power, create a natural protective layer has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and firming effect.
Effect masks the main line is directed to an intensive nutrition and the saturation of the hair.
Even during the reign of Cleopatra in Egypt for valuable shea butter fitted out caravan.
In 1940, many scientific observations have confirmed that people who use shea butter, almost did not suffer from skin diseases, but their skin is remarkably smooth and elastic.
Shea butter is a versatile active ingredient with excellent softening and moisturizing effect and the ability to slow the aging process. Wonderful emollients (a substance that improves the penetration of active ingredients into the deeper layers of skin).
The main components of a complex line provides the ideal mechanism of action aimed at maintaining healthy hair, restoring the structure from within, to stimulate hair growth, preventing hair loss.
Hair damages can be caused by many reasons: perming and coloring, hot air, the influence of the environment. Care for damaged hair requires, above all, the restoration of the structure of hair and a reconstruction of their original integrity. To solve these problems, namely directed action Revitalizing line for hair and scalp.
Main function restores the line - the return of damaged hair with a natural structure, integrity and elasticity. Contained in the Revitalizing line active proteins of wheat due to its low molecular weight form fill damaged areas and restore them from the inside, reducing the brittleness of the hair up to 80%.
Are 3 types of damage to the structure of hair:
1. Mechanical
2. Thermal
3. Chemical
Sources of mechanical damage to hair is careless scratching, constant wearing of tight hairstyles. Also causes damage may be internal problems, yet as a violation of microcirculation in the tissues of the scalp, eating disorders hair. As a result, under the influence of all these reasons, the hair is weakened and fragile.
The moisture content of hair is important to their health and, consequently, the appearance. Thermal damage is primarily due to loss of moisture, which makes your hair less elastic and more susceptible to mechanical damage. Protein that forms the basis of hair, governs the delay or release water, which determines the static charge of hair and their resistance to mechanical stresses. With strong heating (hair in the dryer, when using the irons, termobigudi, hairdryer on maximum temperatures) softens keratin, and the water begins to evaporate quickly, causing dehydration and thinning hair.
Chemical damage hair - a permanent waving and coloring. As a result of its impact destroyed the natural chemical compounds that make up the cortex and cuticle. The hair shaft - dead structure. It is not restored, so it's important to try to keep it as long as possible. The chemical compositions of split protein links the hair, therefore, to halt the further disintegration of its structure, it is very important after the chemical attack on the hair right to the neutralization process. Neutralization is performed by means of special products (shampoo, restorers, conditioners), containing in its composition of chemical compounds, allowing partially restore damaged relations and to fill the missing links of the chain ripped. They prevent or retard further damage to hair structure.
Complex components Revitalizing line, which includes the perfect match and complement each other active ingredients and provides the ideal mechanism of action aimed at restoring, preserving the natural structure of hair and prevention of mechanical, thermal and chemical damage.
Revitalizing shampoo specifically designed for gentle cleaning and removal of hair himichiskih substances, mud, from the means for laying. Shampoo contains naturally occurring substances that cleanse the hair without damaging its structure.
Low molecular weight wheat proteins penetrate into the hair, restoring it from within.
Nature gave man a lot of wonderful plants, one of them - Aloe. Its therapeutic and healing properties have been used for more than five thousand years. Aloe is full of biologically active substances, including polysaccharides, vitamins (A, C, group B), essential amino acids, all of these active elements are necessary to your hair.
Conditioning Balm provides for reducing the action of the shampoo. Cationic framework balm smooths and scales closes the hair shaft, keeping the active ingredients.
Due to the high turnover of jojoba oil is highly penetrating and deeply absorbed into the skin, providing hydration, nutrition, regeneration and protection of the deepest layers of the epidermis. Its composition is similar to lipids in our skin. Optimize lipid metabolism, restores the barrier function of the skin, softening it, removes the feeling of tension and irritation. The unique properties of jojoba oil, which is part of the balsam, highly prized by the ancient Egyptians. Found in the pyramids of samples of this oil is fully retained their properties! But especially jojoba oil is suitable for hair care products to restore shine and elasticity.
Biotin, part of the mask - it's the beauty vitamin. Due to the presence of sulfur in the vitamin, the hair becomes supple and healthy. Sulfur controls the amount of hair damage at the molecular level, restores and strengthens. Prevents split ends.
But sulfur - is slightly soluble element that has low permeability. The fact that skin and hair should be sulfur, and someone should bring her back. Biotin has established itself as the ideal vehicle, which always delivers his load of sulfur is strictly for the purpose.
To obtain the maximum expression of results, we recommend that you use a complex system of three-step beauty, which makes it possible to obtain visible results.
Three basic steps to the beauty of your hair:
1. Purification. Shampoo thoroughly cleans the scalp and hair.
2. Food. Mask feeds and nourishes the scalp and hair useful elements. Apply after shampooing 1-2 times a week.
Reclaimed. Balm has conditioners, smooths and closes the hair shaft scales, keeping the active ingredients.
Exquisite hair - is the key to your beauty. Functional Cosmetics Artlife gives you beautiful and healthy hair.