Treatment of patients with duodenal ulcer disease with the use of dietary supplements ART LIFE

GY EVDOHINA, general practitioner, doctor of the highest category, head of clinical therapeutic department of the Far Eastern basin hospital out-patient department

A group of patients out of 8 people, aged from 30 to 50 years. In two cases - treatment during exacerbation, defined by fibrogastroduodenoscopy duodenal ulcer (DU) in diameter, respectively, 0.3 and 0.4 cm, with inflammatory shaft hyperemia surrounding mucosa, accompanied by pain syndrome (Coli bacteri not found).
After a seven-day treatment of antibiotics (tetracycline at 250x2 times zontak by 250x 2 times ulfamed 10 mg 2 times), decreased pain, and were recommended to receive the biologically active additives (BAA) of ARTLIFE: Cat's Claw (1 capsule 3 times day 30 minutes after eating), Green Star (1 capsule in the morning) and the first day of treatment - Good Night (1 capsule at night). Was left ulfamed to 10 mg at night.
After 10 days of when the control on fibrogastroduodenoscopy in both cases, the ulcers healed (scar stage left, a small swelling) within 18 days, patients started to work. It was recommended to continue taking medication cat's claw and Green Star in maintenance doses for 2 months.
In the remaining six cases of this group of patients were registered at fibrogastroduodenoscopy cicatrices duodenal (DU), duodenitis phenomenon, minor complaints in three cases and in three cases, no complaints at all. In order to prevent aggravation of the disease these patients received during the month: GASTROKALM - 50% - 1 tablet 2 times daily before meals, and 50% - 1 tablet 1 time a day before meals; Good Night - take 1 capsule on night for 14 days, beta-carotene - on a gel-1 times in two days; ulfamed - 10 mg at night for 1 month.
Improving objectively and subjectively come in five patients (one patient did not show up again), and to further improve the state they were given the assignment: TOKSFAYTER course of 20 days, then COMPLEX ENZYME PLUS and blueberry juice at the rate I month, then Discovery CHARM OR DISCOVERY SILApo 2 tablets 2 times a day for a month. Then the rates for 1 month, respectively FITOSORBOVIT 1 tablet 1 time a day and Super Shield 1 capsule a day. The recommendations regarding diet regime and labor.
None of the observed patients had asked for six months over the deteriorating condition, they are all working in their specialty. Under control of the present themselves in three months: at fibrogastroduodenoscopy visible cicatrices, slimy pink (without inflammation).
As a result of combined treatment using BAA ART LIFE patients with duodenal ulcer and acute phenomena observed a significant positive effect of temporary disability decreased by 15% .2. Within 3-6 months were monitored for patients who received proflechenie. Objective improvement was observed in 95% of cases, but the period of monitoring such patients should be extended to 1-3 years.