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Revitalizing shampoo with wheat proteins and aloe vera extract
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Revitalizing shampoo with wheat proteins and aloe vera extract

Due to the low-molecular formula, its constituent proteins of wheat penetrate deeply into the cortex of the hair, reduce hair breakage by 80% * (based on results of research laboratories of the company Cognis). As a result, hydrolysed wheat protein protects hair from aggressive external influences, strengthens hair follicles, promotes the restoration and preservation of the natural structure of hair. 
Aminosilikonovaya microemulsion recreates the ideal breeding environment for moisturizing and hair shaft, restruktures it along the entire length, reducing the drying time of hair. As a result, even the most lifeless hair regain their elasticity and shine. Low molecular weight wheat proteins penetrate deep into the hair, nourishing it from within. 


Step 1. Thorough cleansing of the hair, removing remnants of fixation.
Step 2. Disclosure of keratin scales, hair preparation for the subsequent nutrition and recovery. 
Step 3. Strengthening of the hair follicles, primary restoration of the natural hair structure.

Revitalizing Balm FC

How to use:
  A small amount of preparation to put on wet hair and scalp. Foam soft, massaging, rinse with warm water. Use as often as necessary.

Is the medicine:

  demineralized water, lauretlsulfat sodium cocamidopropyl betaine, alkyl glycosides, kokamid DEA, Glyceryl Oleate, Laureth-2, microemulsion aminosilikona, hydrolyzed wheat protein, Perfume, D-panthenol, euksil to 727, an extract of Aloe Vera, Disodium EDTA, PEG-120 methylglucose dioleat, citric acid