Probiotic cocktail Probio Active

Probiotic cocktail help compensate for a lack of probiotic and prebiotic ingredients in the diet and to restore intestinal biocaenosis
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  300 gr


Probiotic cocktail Probio Active help compensate for a lack of probiotic and prebiotic ingredients in the diet and regain biocaenosis intestine.

Included in the cocktail «Probio Active» components have a mild sorption and physiologically beneficial effect on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism, improves liver function. An ideal product to replace the evening meal.
Bifidobacteria accelerate the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, crude fiber break, stimulate peristalsis, are involved in the synthesis and absorption of vitamins, contribute to the synthesis of essential amino acids stimulate the synthesis of immunoglobulins, and reduce the permeability of tissue barriers to toxic products of pathogens.
Soy proteinpo its amino acid profile more closely matches the needs of man. Its value is the maximum possible and in fact equivalent to animal protein. Distinctive qualities of soy proteins is that they help the body comfortably to reduce body weight, as contributing to muscle mass, drove out the fat. The consumption of soy protein appears full sense of fullness, reduces cravings for sweet foods.
Insoluble dietary fiber (fiber from rice and oat flakes, beet fiber) accelerate the promotion of food through the digestive tract, stimulate intestinal motility and contribute to the normalization of stools.
Soluble dietary fiber (gum arabic, Grinstead, beet pectins) have a pronounced sorption effect, purified microvilli intestine, bind and display of the gastrointestinal tract excess fat and harmful metabolites, eliminate fermentation-putrefaction processes contribute to improving the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract and optimize digestion and absorption of food.
Soluble dietary fiber NUTRIOSEobladayut exceptional nutritional characteristics. They are not only positively affect the gastrointestinal tract, but also can reduce the caloric content of products and cause a gradual release of energy.
Palatinoza-functional carbohydrate, has a natural sweet taste, does not cause severe insulin and the glycemic response, provides long-term energy intake in the body and is harmless to teeth.
Citrus Fiber is an ideal dietary fibers, improves intestinal peristalsis, promotes a feeling of satiety.
Bromelain - vegetable enzyme derived from pineapple, is a powerful katalizatoromprotsessov protein and fat metabolism, prevents the accumulation of excess adipose tissue, inhibits fatty infiltration of the liver.
Papain - the main enzyme exotic fruit papaya, has the enzymatic effect on the food eaten, facilitates digestion of proteins in the acidic environment of the stomach.
Silymarin (milk thistle extract) has hepatoprotective, detoxification action, promotes regeneration of liver cells.
Ingredients: soy protein, dietary fiber Nutrioza wheat, oat flakes, rice flakes, palatinoza, citrus fiber, beet, sublimed, food flavoring, thickener Stabilan and Grinstead (dietary fiber), food flavor, gum arabic (gum acacia Sinegal), an enzyme of pineapple tree trunk Bromelain, an enzyme juice papaya tree papain, bifidobacteria, silymarin (milk thistle extract).

Nutritional value of 40 g of dry product:


Proteins:  5.97 g 
Glutamine 1,05 g 
asparagine 0.62 g 
Phenylalanine + Tyrosine *  0.46 g 
Leucine *  0.47 g 
Arginine  0.36 g 
Lysine *  0.37 g 
Valine * 0.29 g 
proline  0,3 g 
Isoleucine *  0.28 g 
Serine 0.28 g 
methionine + cystine *  0.084 g 
alanine  0,24 g  
Threonine *  0,25 g 
glycine  0,21 g 
histidine  0.132 g 
cysteine  0.076 g 
Tryptophan *  0,076 
Fats  5.7 g 
Carbohydrates  12.98 g 
Dietary Fiber  9.14 g 
bromelay  150 m 
papain      10 mg 
silymarin    6 m

* - essential amino acid

Energy value of 40 g of dry product: 127, 12 kcal
Does not contain GMOs.

Protein-Cereals shake AMINO ACTIVE

How to use:
  20 g (2 tbsp) of powder to pour into a glass, add a bit of cold boiled water or milk, dissolve the powder to a smooth consistency and add while stirring the remaining amount of liquid (at the rate of 20 g per 80-100 ml of liquid). For the formation of thick savory foam is best for cocktails to use a mixer.

Is the medicine: