A new biologically active complex for antiviral defense
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What distinguishes "Avirol" from other immunostimulatory preparations?

The main advantage of the new complex - composition, combining data from recent scientific research on the antiviral effect of the amino acid lysine with experience in the use of immunomodulators of plant origin.
Lysine - is an essential amino acid, a part of virtually all proteins of an organism, it is necessary for growth, tissue repair, synthesis of immunoglobulins, enzymes and other proteins. Lysine has a strong antiviral effect, particularly against viruses that cause cold sores and acute respiratory infections.

How does lysine help to cope with infectious agents?
Once in the human body, the virus uses its biological resources, in particular, the amino acids to build their own proteins. In order to persist (either continuously or cyclically proliferate) viruses such as herpes, or those that cause acute respiratory infections, essential amino acid arginine. It almost like a twin sister looks like another amino acid - lysine. If you have enough lysine in the body the virus starts to "confuse" the amino acids, filling their protein lysine. It was at this point is connected is in the body enzyme L-lysine alpha-oxidase, which blocks the replication of the virus.
Components of plant origin enhance the effect of amino acids lysine and ensure activation of all systems of defense against viral infection.
The active ingredients of Echinacea purpurea and green tea, as well as polysaccharides shiitake mushrooms. Bioflavonoids rutin and quercetin, vitamins C and E reduce the permeability of the capillary network, not only preventing the penetration of new viruses, but also reducing tissue edema, which manifests a decrease in tearing and nasal congestion.
Willow extract contains natural organic related salicylates, which successfully compete with such signs of defeat the virus, as headache and muscle pain, fever.
Vitamins B1, folic acid, B12 possess exchange-regulating effect and positively affect the process of hematopoiesis, as well as prevent the depletion of cellular antiviral defense resources and protect tissues from hypoxia, ensuring the flow of oxygen into every cell of the body.

Prepare for next season to increase the activity of viral infections in advance, and your life will not be complicated by problems!

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Recommendations for use:
  Avirol is recommended as a dietary food supplement, an additional source of vitamins C, E, B1, B6, B9, B12, zinc, a source of flavonoids, lysine, hydroxycinnamic acids, caffeine.

How to use:
  Take for adults is 1 capsule 2 times a day during meals. The duration of intake of 14 days.

  Individual intolerance to the components, pregnant and lactating women. Before applying are encouraged to consult with your doctor.

Is the medicine:

  amino acid L-Lysine - 250 mg, Echinacea purpurea extract, dry - 50 mg sodium ascorbate - 39.34 mg, shiitake mushroom - 30 mg, green tea extract - 25 mg dry extract of willow bark - 25 mg of zinc citrate trehvodny - 24 mg, quercetin - 7,5 mg, rutin - 7,5 mg, tocopherol acetate (E) - 3,5 mg, thiamine mononitrate (B1) - 0.15 mg, folic acid (B9) - 0.02 mg, cyanocobalamin (B12) - 0,45 mg. Excipients: potato starch, talc, calcium stearate.

  TU 9197-222-12424308-08 Certificate of state registration number from 01.11.2008.