Visus provides comprehensive support for the vision and helps to prevent the reduction of its functions.
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BAA "Visus is intended for a comprehensive, integrated support optimal eye health in everyday visual load, improve visual function and long-term prevention of degenerative, inflammatory, and age of eye diseases. 

Clinically proven effectiveness of "Visus" based on the experience of great features of herbal medicine, the application of new technologies of extraction and microencapsulation, taking into account favorable interactions of different natural ingredients, using the most balanced formulas, and several principal directions effects of biologically active substances on the organ of vision. 

If you want tremendous visual load does not adversely affect the sharpness and clarity of vision, and structure of the eye is not fatigued and were resistant to a variety of destructive agents, dreaming of a formula for an active and timely prevention of progression of cataracts, macular degeneration and reduction of visual acuity, want to any age to be as secure and confident in their health and future through the reality and clarity of vision, this formula - for you.

The drug consists of several groups of bioactive components (including complex Tsifrol-5 ") that are desperately needed in our time to maintain a comprehensive eye health, reduce the negative effect of visual load, exogenous and endogenous negative factors on visual acuity, function, and eye fatigue. Purposefully selected highly active substances in the complex improves blood rheology, microcirculation, blood supply and provide improved flow of critical protective, energetic and plastic substances and oxygen to the eye, improve venous outflow and reducing intraocular pressure, specifically intensifies metabolism and energy in the tissues of the eye, reduce risk reduction of visual acuity and cataract development. Plant extracts and trace elements with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects increase resistance to eye membranes external agents and resistance to mikrotravmatizatsii and inflammation.

For all positions Complex Visus company Artlife favorably with those of counterparts from other manufacturers supplements and natural medicines owing to the favorable combination of effective concentrations of several groups of biologically active substances from different directions and at the cellular level, a comprehensive and systematic impact on the status and functioning of the body view, including the optimization of circulation and circulation. Moreover, the use of microencapsulation technology provides an opportunity for a long time to protect and preserve the activity of these delicate and highly reactive substances such as lutein, bilberry fruit extract, a whole range of antioxidants, and allows you to release them directly into the body to continuously variable speed, given time and concentration. 

BAA Visus consists of 6 groups of substances: 

Group 1 - antioxidant complex of new generation "Tsifrol-5" (8 substances vzaimopotentsiiruyuschimi antioxidant and other health-improving properties), which is a kind of molecular highly reactive free radical scavengers, and at the same time performing a function of the active support of other specialized components of the complex;

Group 2 - multifunctional plant extracts targeted therapeutic and preventive effects: extracts of eyebright, bilberry fruit, gingko biloba and grape seed;

Group 3 - the most important natural antioxidants from different directions protect and restore the delicate structure of the eye: the carotenoid lutein and bioflavonoid quercetin;

Group 4 - basic protective and supportive amino acids: taurine and L-cystine;

Group 5 - Specialty minerals with the highest anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunoactive potential: zinc, selenium and copper;

Group 6 - Optimizing the intracellular exchange-energy processes B vitamins: B1, B2, B6.

In addition to the basic formula of the drug given to optimizing its effect and increases the final treatment and preventive efficacy nanosorbent "Gutta Viva" (a complex of silica nanoparticles and soluble dietary fiber).

It is known that photosensitive device retina (rods and cones) contain a higher concentration of lipids than any other body cells, and these fats are in need of a permanent and effective antioxidant protection, especially at high loads on the organ of vision. Therefore, in order to preserve this unique gift of nature and have the opportunity at any age to admire the natural beauty of all things, and shine with the joy of vision, without regular intake of natural antioxidants currently do is simply impossible. After a cursory acquaintance with the BAA "Visus" is not even privy to the intricacies of herbal medicine man in the street can be clearly seen that such a multi-purposefully selected and perfectly balanced, able to provide maximum protection and support of the vision and restore its function. Moreover, comparative analysis of components and their effective doses shows that to date, innovative complex Visus "- one of the best on the market supplement formulation not only to improve and maintain health and functioning of the organ of vision, but also the whole body.

With the major mechanisms of action and the curative effects of numerous substances in complex Visus, can be found in the literature, references to herbal medicine, as well as seminars and schools are regularly held at numerous locations in Russia and abroad. Therefore, in this message I would like to draw your attention to just two main defenders of our eyes - an extract of the fruits of bilberry and lutein. 

The beneficial effects of blueberries on the retina and the vessels of the eye due to the presence in the extract of the fruit of several groups of highly active substances with different pharmacological effects. This bioflavonoids (quercetin, izokvertsetin, giperin, rutin, astragalin, etc.) that have vasostrengthen, antithrombosis, protective and antioxidant action; antotsianozidy (cyanidin, petunidin, delphinidin, etc.), restoring enzyme systems and protect the retina that prevent the formation of atherosclerotic deposits in the vessel walls, reducing the swelling of soft tissues and reduces the activity of inflammatory process; iridoidy and phenols (hydroquinone), reinforcing the natural bactericidal properties of tear fluid and reduces the activity of the inflammatory process. For all who appreciate the opportunity is always and under all circumstances to see well, I want to remind you that the substance of anthocyanin extract of bilberry stimulate the production of rhodopsin, a special protein, responsible mainly for the night and twilight vision. Stocks of this protein drastically depleted by the sudden action of strong light, the effect of light contrasts, flashes, computer and television screens, as well as in low light and eyestrain. Regular use of the BAA "Visus", in which structure does not contain "traces" and are not chopped Pressed raw materials, and effective dosage of the active extract of bilberry fruit (75 mg!), Quickly restores the stocks of rhodopsin when exposed to light beams and damaging agents, protect the retina and improves twilight and night vision. In addition, several studies proved that bilberry extract in conjunction with other antioxidants (vitamin E, beta carotene, selenium, zinc) stops the development of cataracts in most subjects, markedly reduces the degree of decrease in visual acuity and the narrowing of the visual fields associated with fatigue, reduces the degree of myopia, muscular asthenopia, the severity of diabetic, pigment, atherosclerotic retinal degeneration and improves outcomes for medical treatment of diseases of the retina caused by impaired microcirculation. 

Lutein and formed from it in the body zeaxanthin are major carotenoids - antioxidants that specialize in protecting the retina and its most important central education - the macula. They are able to selectively accumulate in the macula (macula) responsible for central and color vision, and having a yellow color, actively absorb excess ultraviolet light spectrum. In addition, as powerful antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin prevent damage to the sensitive retinal cells and destroying the macula (significantly reduce the risk of blindness). In the usual diet of modern man lutein 5 times less than that needed for effective eye protection, moreover, it is very unstable and the heat treatment is destroyed. Therefore, in recent years, leading ophthalmologists and naturopaths strongly recommend that everyone at any age, daily supplementation of lutein in complex formulas as an important preventive agent against early cellular aging and the development of cataracts, age-related macular degeneration of the retina (macular degeneration) and other degenerative changes in the organ of vision, under intense visual load and work with monitors, as well as to prevent violations of visual acuity and color perception.

The main mechanisms of action and health effects of the BAA Visus:

· Provides comprehensive antioxidant protection of organism, the active prevention of oxidative stress and degenerative processes in the tissues and early senescence, can effectively counteract the destructive factors of modern ecology, production, nature of diet and lifestyle (the components of complex Tsifrol-5, extracts of fruits bilberry, eyebright, ginkgo biloba, grape seed, lutein, taurine, cystine, quercetin, selenium, zinc, copper, taurine, B1, B2, B6); 

· Renders multilateral support, protect and promote the prevention of functional disorders and the development of eye diseases through the implementation of different directions with many therapeutic and prophylactic effects of a rich palette of biologically active substances:

- Promotes the expansion of small vessels and improves microcirculation and reduces blood viscosity and a tendency to pathological thrombus formation, strengthens the capillaries of eyes and protects the endothelium of vessels (bioflavonoids bilberry, ginkgo biloba, grape seed extract, eyebright, quercetin, taurine, cystine, zinc, copper, B6 Some components of the formulation "Tsifrol-5");

- Improves lymphatic flow and blood flow, promotes the normalization of venous permeability and reduction of intraocular pressure (bioflavonoids bilberry extract, ginkgo biloba, grape seed, taurine, quercetin, B6);

- Provides specialized nutritional support, improve the exchange-energy processes, blood, and the intensity of oxygen supply to the tissues of the eye and reduces the effects of tissue hypoxia (some components of the formulation "Tsifrol-5, bilberry fruit extract, ginkgo biloba, taurine, cystine, copper, B1 , B2, B6);

- Accelerates the regeneration of rhodopsin and activates enzymes retina (bilberry fruit extract, lutein, taurine);

- Reduces the negative impact of prolonged stress on the visual acuity and eye fatigue, helps to reduce spasm of accommodation and reduce the headache and effectively and consistently protects sensitive to oxidation and destruction of the eye structures and biological molecules ("Tsifrol-5, bioflavonoids bilberry, ginkgo biloba, grape seed extract, lutein, taurine, cystine, quercetin, zinc, selenium, copper, B1, B2, B6);

- Plant extracts and substances with anti-inflammatory effect increases the resistance of shell structures of the eye and adverse agents, microorganisms, viruses, allergens and mucous mikrotravmatizatsii, have antimicrobial and antiviral effects, warn inflammatory and allergic processes and improve treatment outcomes conjunctivitis, scleritis and other inflammatory and immunoallergicheskih eye disease (an extract of eyebright, bioflavonoids blueberry extract, ginkgo biloba, grape seed, quercetin, cystine, copper, selenium, B6, some components of "Tsifrol-5");

- Can prevent the risk of decline in visual acuity with hard work and high loads on the organ of vision (proofreaders, designers, students, schoolchildren, etc.), and when violated terms - to halt and stabilize the negative process and to protect light-sensitive apparatus of the eye (lutein , bioflavonoids bilberry extract, ginkgo biloba, grape seed, taurine, cystine, quercetin, zinc, selenium, copper, B1, B2, B6, components "Tsifrol-5");

- Helps to improve night and twilight vision, increases the adaptation of the dark, perfect for working in the evening and night shift drivers, to prevent so-called "Night blindness" and to improve dark adaptation the eye (bilberry fruit extract, taurine, B1, B2, some components of "Tsifrol-5");

- Reduces stress and eye fatigue from long work in artificial light, with monitors, helps to prevent long-term disorders associated with exposure to strong light flows when working with television screens, spotlights, computers, projectors, welding machines, accelerates the renewal of the retina, sensitive to light (bilberry extract, ginkgo biloba, taurine, cystine, quercetin, zinc, B1, B2, B6, some components of "Tsifrol-5");

- Number of components of the drug contributing to the delay of oxidation and cataract and cataract development, and in the early stages allow you to stop and stabilize the disease process, slowing age-related changes in visual acuity, progressive myopia, the processes of development-related macular degeneration and retinal detachment (lutein, bilberry fruit extract, ginkgo biloba, taurine, cystine, quercetin, zinc, selenium, copper, B1, B2, B6, components "Tsifrol-5");

- Almost the entire formula of the complex allows the person receiving it, to prevent progressive visual impairment in diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, nerve and vascular diseases, trauma and surgical interventions on the organs of vision;

· BAA Visus, as well as other formula of the elite series, have a pronounced systemic health-improving capabilities, and its periodic reception of prophylactic benefit everyone practically healthy person not only to maintain eye health, but also whole body; 

· Due to the presence of a complex of extracts of herbs and other active ingredients with an integral medical-preventive effect, the LHC "Visus" exhibits many health-restoring effects, and may be useful in the most diverse pathology: 

- To improve the microcirculation, reducing blood viscosity, strengthening blood vessels, optimize supply the heart muscle with oxygen and energy, improve strength and capacity of the heart muscle to pumping more blood volume (an extract of ginkgo biloba, grape seed, magnesium, vitamins B1, B6, taurine, selenium, Copper and some of the components of "Tsifrol-5");

- In order to normalize the metabolism of fat, the ratio of fractions of cholesterol in the blood, preventing the early development and progression of atherosclerosis ("Tsifrol-5, taurine, quercetin, bilberry fruit extract, grape seed, ginkgo biloba, cystine, taurine, selenium, zinc, B1) ;

- Ensuring antigipoksantnogo effect through improving the supply of vital organs of oxygen, the expansion of small vessels, the prevention and reduction of tissue hypoxia, improving the ability of myocardial cells and brain function under oxygen deficiency, the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebral catastrophes (Tsifrol-5, extracts of ginkgo biloba, grape seed, quercetin, selenium, B1, B2, B6);

- Correction of vascular tone, a moderate hypotensive effect in high blood pressure, prevention of vascular spasms and crises, cerebrovascular events (extracts of ginkgo biloba, grape seed, taurine, some components of "Tsifrol-5");

- Activate the development and protection from destruction of insulin, the optimization of carbohydrate metabolism, prevention and containment of complications of diabetes mellitus (fruit extract of bilberry, grape seed, ginkgo biloba, quercetin, taurine, zinc, selenium, copper, B1, B2, B6, components of the complex " Tsifrol-5 ");


- Moderate immunocorrective and adaptogenic effect, improving the quality of state and functional capacity of blood cells, preventing immunoallergicheskih processes and anemia (Tsifrol-5, extracts of ginkgo biloba, grape seed, selenium, zinc, copper, quercetin, cystine, taurine, B6) ; 

- Gentle cleansing endoecological space ("Gutta Viva and antioxidant components of the formula, especially the Tsifrol-5");

- Improvement of the entire body, maintaining the quality and length of active life, mental physical performance, prevention of premature cellular and biological aging (all components of the formula);

- Potentiation and complement the action of drugs, accelerating the healing process and improve the outcome of standard therapy, prevention of complications and recurrence, reduction of severity of side effects of medications (all components of the formula).

Clinical studies and confirm the effectiveness of BAA Visus: 

Independent clinical testing of the complex held at the Department of Ophthalmology faculty training and postgraduate training of SSMU, Tomsk. In the testing involved 25 volunteers with ophthalmic pathology (vascular-trophic, inflammatory disease). Here are some results.

1. Clinical testing of the active complex "Visus" in patients with myopia of moderate severity showed that the addition of the classical regimen of disease is accompanied by more than tridtsatiprotsentnym increase in visual acuity (from 0.42 to 0.6). According to clinical tests, reception of "Visus" accompanied by a significant (fivefold) decrease in the frequency of registration of symptoms of visual fatigue (from 100% to 22,2% of cases). 

2. Reception of two tablets of the active complex Visus "daily for three weeks has allowed to reduce severity of symptoms retinopathy (from 83,3% to 38,9%), both isolated and in combination with spasm of accommodation in volunteers treated with complex Vizus against the background of the primary treatment. 

3. Often a consequence of strenuous visual work, especially in young patients, is a pathological state of accommodation - a spasm. It can serve as the beginning of decline of visual function and lead to the formation of false myopia. Spasm of accommodation is the basis of the headache, the cause is often difficult to detect. Complex "Visus" helps to reduce spasm of accommodation and a decrease in headache patients, its host. 

4. Observations on the so-called gerontologichekoy group shows improvement in general condition, hemodynamics and a decrease in trophic disorders of eye tissues.

Thus, the effectiveness of "Visus" follows not only from an analysis of its composition, but also visually confirmed clinically. In recent years, shows that visual defects often do not occur due to congenital disorders or irreversible changes of the eye, but because of the running of functional disorders, circulatory disorders or oxidation processes, which in most cases can be prevented or eliminated by simple, natural methods, exposure in particular, with the help of specialized biologically active complexes. Maintain health, to protect you and your children from the many problems with vision, and if already there - to help them solve a new development company called Art Life, which contains an extremely rich spectrum of antioxidants, bioflavonoids, essential vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, which are so essential to our daily Body of view, and throughout the body as a whole. 

Formula can be combined with other Badami or drugs for vzaimopotentsiirovaniya and supplement their therapeutic action and better results, as part of comprehensive prevention, health schemes or in conjunction with the designated eye specialist drug treatment, aftercare and recovery period. In such situations, the dosage and duration of reception of "Visus" chosen individually.

Victoria Energia

Recommendations for use:
  BAA "Visus" is recommended as a supplementary source of vitamins (C, E, B1, B2, B6, beta-carotene), minerals (zinc, copper, selenium), the source of taurine, flavonoids, tannins (tannins).

How to use:
  With the purpose of rehabilitation is recommended to take 1 tablet 1-2 times daily 30-40 minutes after taking nanosorbenta "Gutta Viva. The duration of admission and repeated courses are planned, starting from the initial state, goals, receiving, and the dynamics of health, with the objective obstacles for long-term medication as a prophylactic measure does not exist. Taking 2 tablets provide intake of vitamins: E - 10 mg - 100%, C - 95 mg - 136%, B6 - 2.0 mg - 100%, B1 - 1,7 mg - 113%, B2 - 2 mg -111%, beta - carotene - 3,5 mg - 70% Minerals: Zinc -12 mg - 80% Copper - 1 mg - 100% Selenium - 0.07 mg - 100% Other ingredients: Quercetin - 30 mg - 100%, Taurine - 200 mg - 50% Hesperidin - 40 mg - 40%, dihydroquercitin - 10 mg -40%, coenzyme Q10 - 2,5 mg - 8%, flavonolglikozidy - 4,8 mg - 16% anthocyanins 6 mg - 12%, tannins (tannins) - 16 mg - 8% of the recommended daily intake for adults.

  Individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy and lactation. Before applying are encouraged to consult with your doctor.

Is the medicine:

Expiration date:
  3 years from the date of manufacture.

  TSIFROL-5 100 mg (Tocopherol acetate 5 mg , Beta carotene, 1.75 mg , Ascorbic acid, 12.5 mg , 20 mg hesperidin , Dihydroquercetin (DHA) 5 mg , Superoxide dismutase (SOD) 100 U , Coenzyme Q10 1,25 mg , Hibiscus extract 11.5 mg) , Eyebright, extract 100 mg , Bilberry fruit extract, 75 mg , Ginkgo biloba 24% extract 10 mg , Grape seeds extract, 5 mg , 12% Lutein 21 mg , Lutein 2.5 mg , Taurine 100 mg , L-Cystine 35 mg , Quercetin 15 mg , 33.35 mg zinc aspartate , Zinc 6 mg , Copper 3.12 mg aspartate , Copper 0.5 mg , Sodium selenite 0.08 mg , Selenium 0.035 mg , Ascorbic acid 35 mg , Thiamine mononitrate (B1) 0.85 mg , Riboflavin (B2) 1 mg , Pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6) 1 mg