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Coffee Drive has a toning effect, helps to cope with increased physical and mental stress
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Coffee DRIVE has a toning effect, helps to cope with increased physical and mental stress, promotes rapid recovery of strength.

Stimulates the central nervous system. Natural ingredients in combination with caffeine help to restore the energy resources of the body. 
Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, activates hormones that affect metabolism, promotes greater muscle contractions. At the same time accelerates the oxidation of fats and carbohydrates - released large amounts of energy, increases resistance to stress, reduce muscle fatigue. 
L-carnitine is involved in the regulation of metabolism, activating the splitting of the accumulated body fat and its consumption of energy targets, stimulating the synthesis of protein, thereby increasing endurance during exercise. In addition, L-carnitine reduces the cholesterol in the body and slows the formation of blood vessels in atherosclerotic plaques.
Green tea extract, extremely rich in natural antioxidants, increases resistance to stress and other adverse effects. The active substances of this extract increases metabolic rate, have a general tonic effect on the body, possess anti-inflammatory effect and increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls.
B vitamins support during working hours: they are involved in the regulation of energy exchange and promote the full use of the energy supplied from food. In addition, the vitamins of the group carried out the prevention of emotional instability, neutralized manifestations of syndrome manager "(so-called state of constant mental stress). The presence of vitamins in this group is beneficial to the skin.
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) improves the overall resistance of the body, takes part in redox processes in cells, enhances the regeneration of tissues.

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