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What are the types of Chinese tea

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Chinese tea - this is a special tea, which is different from the others with irresistible flavors. They arezvesten around the world, and it is no secret that his homeland - China. All types of tea are distinguished from each other, the fact that they have different times of collection, processing methods and the degree of fermentation. By the way, you can order you the online store:

Today, there are six main types of tea:

  • The first type - is green tea, it takes only a process of drying in the sun. This tea has a set of nutrients. It is often flavored with flowers, especially jasmine;
  • The second type is a black tea. He is most famous in the world. It is he who is in the process of fermentation that he nadaespecially the rich and bright flavor. Leaf tea - a sort of black tea, where all the leaves have to be the same size;
  • The third type has puer. This kind of tea can be stored for many years and with age only uluchaet their properties. Puer - a fermented tea, in other words "black tea". It is characterized by semlisty taste and strong aroma;
  • The fourth kind of tea is Oolong or Black Dragon. He is no less popular than other types, but for its preparation need highly qualified craftsmen. This tea - a semi-fermented kind. Its advantage is that it has a wonderful taste, which "play" floral notes;
  • The fifth type of tea - a white tea. He runs a very small fermentation process, so characteristic of him to save all   useful properties;
  • The last popular type of tea - it is yellow. It is manufactured in small doses because it rare and exclusive look, except for tth is not cheap. Proved that he is most valuable to the body.

Choose your any kind of tea and enjoy with great pleasure! Enjoy your tea!

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