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Where can I buy products from Thailand

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In the world there are many countries and peoples, located in RAzlichnyh globe. The majority of human civilizations live for some generalized rules or traditions, but nevertheless, there are corners of the earth, which has its own unique atmosphere, its own traditions, which are fundamentally different from all other places. In this area of ??our planet is certainly one of the most eqzoticheskih countries - Thailand.

It is very different from the rest of the world, not only the traditions and worldview, but also cooking, folk medicine, traditional cosmetics. Indeed, it is the traditional cosmetics and medicines traditional medicine are the most popular objects of the orderforeigners, including citizens of our country.

Of course, wanting to have a native-born Thai product is quite a lot, but at the same time, very few of them have the opportunity to go shopping to the source, in the very Thai kingdom. However, do not despair, becauseInternet there are not enough resources to provide its clients the opportunity to order interest.

In Russia, the most popular resources of similar subjects are "Thai Portal" ( and "OceanicMart" ( The first of these gives visitors the opportunity to buy the portal absyutno variety of things, starting with knitwear, T-shirts and ending with drugs and souvenirs. The second portal is almost exclusively engaged in medical and cosmetic products Thai traditional production.

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