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Kissel "Blueberries on broth melissa"

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Blueberry kissel with Melissa Artlife

Natural kissel "Bilberry with Melissa" - a new healthy food for children and adults from the Company Artlife! The components of this kissel strengthen the nervous system and provide excellent prevention to reduce the quality of vision at high loads. Jelly is recommended for students, since it helps improve memory, focus and concentration, relieves anxiety, fatigue and eye strain. The basis of the kissel is a natural cranberry juice and blueberries. Blueberries - calorie berry, which is very rich in substances that improve metabolism in the retina, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and reduce inflammation. It is proved that regular use of products containing blueberries, increased brain activity, improves the ability to see in the dark, metabolism and function of the cardiovascular system. The positive effect of blueberries adds Melissa. This herb has a calming effect and promotes restful sleep. Melissa recommended for hyperactive children and adults exposed to daily stress. Also have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and the B vitamins, vitamins and minerals that make up the kissel, promotes healthy growth and development, well-being, helps to increase efficiency and strengthen the immune system.

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