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BAA Artlife BP Balance

BP-balance - the new generation product designed to normalize vascular tone, microcirculation by improving capillary circulation, cellular respiration. His method prevents oxygen deficiency in any tissue and organ provides nourishment and oxygen supply to the heart muscle, strengthens the vascular wall.

It is recommended for the prevention and treatment in the adjuvant therapy of hypertension I and II degree, vegetative-vascular dystonia, rehabilitation after strokes and heart attacks, preventing people at risk. The group of risk for hypertension include people who have obesity, bad habits, family history, elevated cholesterol level, age over 40 years, and those who are constantly experiencing stress (managers, teachers, service workers, etc.)

As an aid supplement "BP-balance" is used in all diseases and conditions associated with blood circulation and high blood pressure.

It is recommended for athletes and people with high physical activity to improve the supply of oxygen to muscle tissue, and prevention of hypertension caused by increased loads.

The product is a complex of biologically active additives. Its components normalize all parts of the regulation of blood pressure in the body: a central, located in the brain and peripheral-dependent vascular tone and blood pressure on their walls. The active components of medicinal plants is not too strong drop in blood pressure while taking the drug, so you can use it as a preventive measure, even with normal blood pressure.

With regular use, blood pressure, helps normalize the balance of the nervous system, possessing anti-stress and calming effect. Also, the product has a high antioxidant activity, in addition, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, which is one of the reasons for high blood pressure.
The complex balance of blood pressure today is unparalleled in the market of dietary supplements in Russia. Effective preparation is based on proven herbal extracts and innovation complex Vinitroks. Fruit polyphenols from grapes and apples, included in the complex, increase the production of nitric oxide and thus have a vasodilator action. As a result Vinitroks reduces the pressure and improves blood supply to organs and muscle tissue, providing them with oxygen and nutrition.

Potassium and horsetail extract included in the BP-balance, helping to avoid unnecessary delay in the fluid in the tissues. Against this background, accelerating the direct relaxing effect of magnesium on blood vessel walls, as well as extracts of motherwort and tsimitsifugi that eliminate excessive excitation of centers regulating blood pressure, located in the brain.

Improvement and normalization of the vascular bed to help tone chokeberry extract, Scutellaria baicalensis and ginkgo biloba. Aronia is interesting because it is one of the most powerful in the nature of normalizing blood pressure and thus providing a powerful anti-inflammatory action within the vasculature. Skullcap and ginkgo not only stabilize the blood pressure but also improve blood flow: Ginkgo accelerates transfer of blood from the arteries into the veins, improving cell respiration and skullcap normalizes the coagulation system, thereby eliminating the risk of blood clots.

Antithrombotic effect is characteristic of an extract of willow. The combined effect of rutin, dihydroquercetin and vitamin E improves the condition of the walls of blood vessels, strengthens them, and at the same time, working together with nicotinic acid, helps to avoid the increase of cholesterol in the blood.
The effectiveness of the drug is clinically proved.

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