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What is tooth decay and what is his stage

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A beautiful and healthy smile - the dream of every person. Because we all know, Thuto care for their teeth should be carefully and during his visit the dentist. We all know that each tooth needs special attention. It is necessary to prevent the disease and then you will feel more confident. After all know and appreciate their personal teeth, not artificial.

As they say Gynecologylog and dentist should be in every own personal. Nowadays, modern medicine is very developed, including in the field of dentistry. Many people associate it with a drill in such a terrible sound. But now you can forget about it forever. But always remember, the less neglected diseases, the better for you and the easier it is to cure. By the way, in St.Petersburg, professional and quality you can spend in the dental clinic "White Bear".


often leads us to the dentist caries. Caries - a disease that can occur as unsightly darkening of the teeth, but the consequences of undue attenmania may be even to the extent that it is possible to lose a tooth.

There are several stages of the disease:

  • Superficial caries . Characterized by lesions of the enamel. Its symptoms are accompanied by the emergence of differential temperature from cold to hot,as well as sensitivity to sweet and sour. To avoid this disease need time to visit the dentist and do preventive maintenance at least every six months;
  • The middle caries . When it seems that all the tooth enamel is completely black. Also deteriorates the dentin, the disease is rapidly developing andMakes a great cavities. It is accompanied by symptoms: increased reaction to different tastes and temperature or complete lack thereof. His treatment is carried out only under anesthesia, removing tissue, the doctor makes handling and puts the seal;
  • Deep caries . Is considered the most harmfuland serious illness. When it affects the layers of dentin. The most common cause of not cured surface or core caries, defective or incorrect treatment and the establishment of the seal. If properly treat and do everything as it should, then the tooth is preserved. But this can not be fun and you should immediately go to the dentist for the helpmeans of. Since for negligence in the treatment of caries can develop pulpit, and then have to remove the pulp tissue until the tooth extraction.

The competent approach and treatment - it is the first thing that should prevail in dentistry. Much needed dental consultation, as the doctor can precisely definedpour your disease and your condition. Qualified clinics have only experienced, good workers with experience. Good clinic is always striving for the most effective results. And modern technology makes every stage of the treatment quick and painless. Apply innovative technologies and techniques you will be very surprisedAs well as the outcome and attitude. After all, the staff is very kind to the patients in this study.

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