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What is the company and what features of his work

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We all want to have their own business for the realization of theirs ideas and work for themselves. Entrepreneurship - a farming unit, which is created to meet the needs of society by a public authority. The most demanded ones scope of their activities are: industrial, agricultural, research, trade and a number of others according to the Law of the Russian Federation.

Any company operates under the Statute and holds personal balance has open bank accounts, personal seal, name, identification code. By the way, see the catalog companies in Moscow and the region, please visit:

To be effective, the company must be properly sformirovabe working in a team and assign responsibilities among them. Very important is the organizing scheme of the company, which is horizontal when the task put to each other and vertical units - when one department nizhestoyascha link is subject to the higher, that is, the head gives orders to the Deputy, and that - ordinary workers.

The quality of the folded employee of the enterprise depends on how much quality of the available resources they can produce products of wide application to be popular at the market and profit so the cat this is the whole idea of ??creating a company - to have the freedom of choice that both produceand low-cost.

You also need to think about the liquidation of the enterprise, which is possible in two ways The first is when it is closed voluntarily by the decision of the head or sale when the company exists, but the owner is another.

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