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What is sandblasting

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In our time, a very important role is played by sandblasting.After all, with its help, you can manage   vozniknuvshey any rust, surface hardening, as well as easy to remove the formed layer and polishing. A major role in this treatment plays the cheapest abrasive — sand. Therefore, this cleaning will cost you quite inexpensive and very profitable. Chief's advantagestvom such a procedure is — high efficiency and effectiveness.

Sandblasting successfully fights not only with rusty metal coatings, but also perfectly washes fatty film. One of the most common and frequently used attributes such cleaning and slag are separated by dry sand. Blagodarya exposed abrasive surface defined, the process of purification occurs or that rusted metal on which the nozzle is directed at high velocity compressed air.

It is often used for sandblasting in order to reliably protect the surface coating of concrete, metal, etc. Apart Fromaddition, sand-blasting is widely used for the treatment of   facades of buildings, wood, stone, pipes, glass tank wagons. Also, this type of cleaning   perfect and leather industry.

One of the most famous and popular companies specializing in sandblasting and cleaning differ-cing exteriors is « Vertical & raquo ;. The organization ensures complete protection of surfaces against the negative impact and influence of the environment. By the way, if you are interested on this kind of treatment starts from 180 - 250 rubles. / Sq. m Very often, sandblasting is used for cleaning facades from paint, dirt, and so different. d.

In general, sandblasting has many advantages and is widely used in virtually all applications.

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