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Knee Replacement

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The human body is designed in such a way that all organs and systemsoccupy its normal position around the natural frame - the skeleton. Skeleton, in turn, is not a one-piece construction, and the complex hinged units - bones.

Each bone is connected to the adjacent with a movable swivel - joint. Thanks to this COMPONENTApplication has the opportunity to carry out all the freedom of spatial movements, which are available to him by nature.

Like any joint (from a technical point of view), the joint holds the bones in engagement, and the duration of its operation depends on the state of the elements that support the engagement.

In the case of the knee joint, which is one of the largest and most important in the skeletal system, this is the role of cartilage, menisci, ligaments and tendons. Violation of any of the structures of the connecting elements of the knee joint can lead to structural damage of joints, loss of mobility.

In thatFIR cases, you may need specialized care podiatrist. Return of the mobility of joints in such a situation can be realized by joint replacement, ie, replacement of the knee joint with an artificial prosthesis. By the way, in Ukraine you can find on the site:

The endoprosthesis reprulation a real copy of the joint elements, made of the most suitable to the composition and characteristics of synthetic materials. Between the components of the prosthesis are held together by a special bone cement.

In order to stabilize the structure used remains intact ligament disease countene, and instead of cartilage using special plastic inserts that are sufficiently low coefficient of friction.

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