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What is with himself cardboard

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Cardboard — hard and resistant material, towh ich occupies an important place in virtually all spheres of activity. Its great use in instrumentation, construction, food, light industry, chemical industry and so on. E. &Nbsp;

Good and   high-quality paperboard produced at JSC « Roof & raquo ;. Here you can find a huge the choicep cardboard absolutely   for various purposes. The factory specializes in the production of roofing, flat boxboard, which not only have high quality, but also the best price.

Also « Roof » manufactures and wrapping paper, which is used for various repairs. PtsYan is a popular boxboard. His stuff is quite rough and tough. This board is widely used for the production of   consumer group or container. In addition, boxboard is a reliable cushioning material or packaging for all industrial products, furniture and so actually.

Homee can choose standard roll and sheet standard boxboard. In addition, the Company « Roof » manufactures roofing paper, which serves as an excellent basis for waterproofing and roofing materials. There is also a cardboard shoe industry, container, textile and others. The site main advantages of manufactured produerate plant « soft roof » is: high efficiency, good price, strength, stability and high quality material. Do not forget that on the above mentioned website. You can purchase any kind of board is absolutely easy, simple, and most importantly is available.

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