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What is keratome

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Our body is unique, one of the most perfect creations of Motherand nature, which harmoniously intertwined set of organs and systems. Of course they are all in place and protected from the influence of the environment due to the external skin. It is a reliable barrier, but it is constantly exposed to the influence of aggressive environment.

This implies a large percentage of commonIa various skin diseases, which in one case can be pigmented or allergic reaction to the influence of external factors, and with other cases - a consequence of the skin surface and in its thickness neoplasms. Their diversity rather broad, but there growths that do not pose any Dangerfive for a person (other than an aesthetic discomfort), and there is a group of diseases that can be completed fairly quickly fatal.

The distinction between one and the other group of diseases sometimes quite subtle, so the definition of danger - it is too easy. One of the most common diseaseskeratosis is a skin, which is accompanied by the presence of skin dark brown pigment spots, which will eventually start rogovet and turn into a kind of plaques on the skin.

itself keratome is not absolutely no danger to the health and life of man, but, as often happens in the case of the sameMoles, it can turn into a malignant tumor. and there is certainly no time for jokes. That is why, quite often "owners" keratitis resorted to remove them (in order to prevent the worst case scenario for sure). By the way, in St. Petersburg, you can remove keratitis in the medical center "Longevity":. Do it is usually one of the following four ways:

  • removal by laser;
  • burning liquid nitrogen;
  • radiological method (application radionozha);
  • surgical removal.
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