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The frame of the body: bones and joints

April 10 2015
< p style = "text-align: left;"> The human body is a unique product of evolution, one of the most advanced today createstions of nature and the higher powers. But if we consider it from an analytical point of view, it is a set of interrelated organs and systems that are compactly arranged inside the outer shell.

However, there are some in the body pretty important component without which the whole set of e-mailementov would look like a sack of potatoes. This component - skeletal system, or simply - a skeleton. This frame of the body, which determines the correct location of supports and protects them, and allows a person to do all the movements that are available to him.

If, again, proanalizirovats structure of the skeleton, it will be a multi-unit mechanism (in terms of mechanics), each link of which (bone) can perform limited spatial rotational movement, thanks to the hinge connection, which act as joints. By the way, you can read on the site: osustavah.ru.

They can be considered holistic, independent structural unit of an organism, which play a key role in the implementation of locomotor function. Each joint, as well as a mechanical hinge, is a joint of two adjacent units, ie bones. To do this, the surface of the tail bone have a characteristic, for optimum foundtion, rounded shape. These endings bones, called epiphyses are covered with cartilage tissue, prevents bone erase.

The place has some joint gap and placed in a special synovium filled eponymous fluid acts as a lubricant. The whole system is in apecial shell of periarticular tissues - the joint capsule.

classifies all joints of the body on two main criteria: the number of joint surfaces (from simple phalanx, to complex knee) and their form and function (uniaxial, biaxial and multiaxial). < / p>

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