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Classification of perfumes

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Ever since the days of ancient Egypt perfumes firmly established in our lives. Most often, perfumes UseAli in the rituals associated with the sacrifices and the gods, and even in the Bible there is mention of how to use aromatherapy oils. But in Europe   knowledge of perfumery came only in the fourteenth century, and became the first perfume to make Hungarians, flavored oils mixed with alcohol.     In 1370, for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary werecreated the first perfume, the prototype of the modern.   With   Since then, the perfume industry began to develop and flourish, and this trend is observed to this day. It is difficult to imagine a   modern life without perfumes. Superiority in the production of such products, of course, belongs to France. Although many countries have verysucceeded, producing such products. Today on the market a large selection of perfumes,   where you can choose a perfume,   such as the one you want. Perfumes today   produce different scents for men and women. It should be noted that this elite perfumes is never cheap. &Nbsp; All parfyumirovanye products can be divided into the following groups in accordance with the flavors:

- chypre fragrances (fragrance is fresh, a bit like a forest, and it smells, these perfumes are mainly women);
- citrus (mainly characterized perfume for men with scents of bergamot, lime, grapefruit and so on.);
- Floral (inherent andRomat almost all perfumes, mainly for women, here we include the smell of jasmine, violet, lilac, mandarin, etc., and for the perfumes for men characterized by the smell of wood);
-fuzhernye (used   basically, to create a men's fragrance);
- fruit (characteristic notes of some fruktov- apple, apricot, peach, papaya and so on. d.)
-zelenye (never lose its relevance, as are a distinct aroma of freshness);
- spicy (in such a pronounced perfume smell of spices, cinnamon, ginger, pepper)

As you can see, there are many flavors, and you have to choose only your. It should be noted that different people   Feeling fragranceed in its own way, with a touch of personality, so try to find their own unique flavor.

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