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Stylish, bright and perfect manicure

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Five reasons to buy gel nail

Gel polish — opening for girls and women who follow the condition of their hands and nails. After the first application of gel varnish, they were delighted, and now it – one of the main secrets of their beauty.

Unparalleled shine . One of the main advantagesgel lacquer – creating the perfect manicure. All you need to do, apply gel polish on the nail surface and let it dry. Then you can apply the usual varnish. Your nails will be flawless – glitter, smooth surface and edges without flaws.

Affordable price . Today. One Hundredimost one vial of 99 UAH. For a beautiful and well-groomed hands – it is more than adequate and affordable price.

LP manicure . Many women complain that regular nail loses its former glory after a day or two after the application, plus around the edges of the varnish starts to peel off. With gel nail everything isso different — it preserves the original appearance for 2-3 weeks, and you can feel free to do household chores: washing dishes, wash, iron and clean.

grow long nails . Gel polish – opening for women with brittle nails. With this tool you can grow long nogti and boast of their achievements all my friends, acquaintances and colleagues. Your nails become less brittle, and thorough care for them will not take much of your time, effort and work.

Minimum warnings . To save a flawless manicure with gel polish, you do not need to follow the whole vaultrules. It's enough to:

- not to file and process the edge of the nail yourself;

- Avoid contact with water for a long time (at least the first day);

- do not use the nail polish remover with acetone.

Get bright gel nail manicure create excellent!

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