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Vegetarian Cream Soup

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Introducing a new product ArtLife functional foods, prepared according to the canons of vegetarian cuisine. In soup vegetarian contains only natural herbal ingredients - potatoes, onions, carrots, broccoli, parsley, seasonings. With a minimum amount of calories, this product combines the maximum health benefits, as well as enriched with iodine and antioxidants.
Not contain dyes and taste enhancers.

Components of enrichment:
Iodine - a trace element, which belongs to the importance for metabolism, is part of the thyroid hormones, which play an important role in human life, are involved in ensuring its energy, control the intensity of energy metabolism, actively influence the physical and mental development of human central nervous system.
Insufficient intake of iodine from food and water breaks thyroid function. If you have previously iodine-deficiency disorders are identified only in some geographical areas, but now they are revealed everywhere.

For adequate absorption of iodine in the body must have it allies - vitamins C and E, selenium. 

Selenium has antioxidant properties, plays an important role in many processes of life, increases the activity of the immune system. Important for the organism is interacting with each other selenium and iodine. Selenium is part of the enzyme, which is required for normal education and exchange of iodine thyroid hormones. When iodine deficiency of selenium may be unable to properly perform its vital functions in the human body.
Vitamin C helps to increase the strength of blood vessels, providing them with protection from viruses and bacteria. Without vitamin C in the body can not digest iron.
Vitamin E - fat-soluble vitamin, an antioxidant that protects cells from harmful effects of free radicals, regulates the synthesis of hemoglobin - the main transport of oxygen in the body.

Ingredients: cream of vegetable, corn starch, potato flakes, crackers, salt, millet flakes, onion, carrots, flavor, silicon dioxide, thickener (dietary fiber), nutmeg, red pepper, broccoli florets, onion chive, dill, bay leaf, parsley, vitamin-mineral complex: vitamins C, E, iodine, selenium.

Method of preparation: the contents of the package pour 180-200 ml of boiling water, stir thoroughly. The product is ready for use.

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