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Vitamin Mix Flowers

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Dear Partners of Artlife company! Sept. 1 there is a new line of Vitamin Mix Flowers!

The line includes three products for body care products: shower gel, cream, souffles and scrub.

All means of lines have a slight aroma of freshly cut grass and a gentle, soft texture, which makes the procedure body skin care is not only useful but also enjoyable.
Products Vitamin Mix Flowers will give you a good mood!

The line is based on complex BeauPlex ™ VH. It is included in all cosmetic lines Vitamin Mix Flowers.

BeauPlex ™ VH - this is a well-balanced composition of various vitamins, providing maximum bioactivity of cosmetic formulations. The complex was developed by DSM Nutritional Products, a global leader in the production of vitamins, especially for companies Artlife. This unique product consists of the following vitamins: Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C. Advantage of the complex lies in the fact that vitamin C in it is in a stable form. Quite often, cosmetic companies, adding vitamin C to their products, modestly silent about the fact that in their composition, he has not claimed antioxidant action. This is due to the fact that vitamin C is unstable in most cosmetic formulations. Complex BeauPlex ™ VH stabilizes it, allowing maximum active influence on the cell. This achieves a powerful antioxidant effect of vitamin C that will not slow down affect your appearance. Vitamin C in cosmetics protect skin from UV rays and slows aging. In the intercellular space of the dermis, in the water, he plays the role of the catcher of free radicals and helps protect vitamin E.

Complex BeauPlex ™ VH nourishes the skin with vitamins, it moisturizes and provides potent antioxidant effects on skin cells, thereby protecting them from premature aging.

In addition, a part of all of the line Vitamin Mix Flowers contains extracts of dandelion and lemon balm. They soothe and soften the skin, leaving it smooth and silky.

Shower gel
Shower gel with a gentle texture perfectly cleanses the skin while caring for her. Turning into a soft foam, it gives a feeling of freshness and comfort.

Body Scrub
Scrub with granules of apricot pits perfectly removes dead skin cells, while improving the micro-relief of the epidermis. The skin becomes elastic, flat and smooth as silk.

Cream Body Souffle
Cream souffle will give your skin feeling satiny softness and comfort, especially after the water treatments. Contains 100% natural moisturizing complex Botamix ®, combining the useful properties of three plants: fig, flax seeds and cotton, which nourish the skin with moisture and help it stay moist for a long time.

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