Every 5-th person in the world complainsof pain/ or restriction of joint movement

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Every 5-th person in the world complains of pain and / or restriction of joint movement. These problems - the result of chronic inflammatory processes, the general decrease in immunity, sedentary lifestyle, misuse and poor nutrition, overweight - and before you a full range of all that lies at the heart of dysfunction of the joints.

Jointgel and Joint Flex of Artlife company provides effective correction of these problems with substances that feed the tissues of the joints (chondroprotectors, antioxidants, vitamins). Today there is a way to complement the action of these biologically active complexes, outdoor activities cream Joint Flex Active, thus providing more in-depth protection of the joints of the potential or existing problems.

This cream combines the reflex distraction and analgesic effects. Provides the activation of blood flow in the area of inflamed joints, and also has anti-inflammatory activity, enhancing and prolonging the biological effects of active complexes.

Effectiveness of the cream is due to a combination of active substances of natural origin of its constituent. The extract of pepper burning enclosed in liposomal system *, turpentine and camphor increases blood flow to the inflammation, normalize food and have a warming effect. Sharing menthol, pine oil and eucalyptus oil helps bring about the effect of cooling and pain relief in subject area, in this background warming effect of the extract of pepper is not uncomfortable, and together these components to enhance the flow of kroi sore or painful areas. Simultaneous use of cinquefoil, burdock and lavender oils can enhance analgesic effect, quickly reduce swelling surrounding tissues, and bay leaf extract, amid increased blood flow quickly entering the inflamed tissue, reduces pain and helps relieve stiffness in the joints.

• to eliminate joint and muscle pain, sciatica, degenerative disc disease;
• to eliminate the aches of the joints caused by the change of weather;
• to repair tissue in post-traumatic period (broken bones, bruises, sprains);
• to eliminate the pain caused by excessive physical exercise;
• Relaxation of muscle tension, fatigue and swelling;
• to avoid accumulation of salts in the joints.

How to use:
At the first sign of pain, apply cream on clean skin surface and evenly distribute the section of the light massaging movements for 3-5 minutes 2-3 times a day. The cream is completely absorbed within 2 or 3 minutes and is valid for 5-6 hours. After applying the cream to enhance the effect, on the painful area is necessary to impose the warming bandage, and if possible for 20-30 minutes, observe the peace. Course of 1-4 weeks. If necessary, repeat.

Comprehensive approach
Sharing cream
Joint Flex Active and complex Jointgel, will slow the progression of osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease, prevent escalation, reduce pain, swelling, and other manifestations of diseases of the joints, improve mobility and function of affected areas. If you have no way of joints does not recall using the cream Joint Flex Active you can avoid unnecessary stress to the body as a surge of musculoskeletal system in extreme situations, during exercise or physical exertion.

* Liposomal system
Liposomes are composed of several layers of phospholipids and are similar in structure to the living skin cells, so they effectively influence the process of regeneration, stimulate metabolism and reduce water loss. Liposomes resemble a kind of small containers, which include in their internal volume of the active substance (an extract of pepper burning). This allows them to quickly and easily deliver the active ingredient, as in the superficial layer of the skin and in deep, providing local action.
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