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You become difficult to walk - his legs tire quickly and become severe? Most likely it is varicose veins.
What are varicose veins? This change in the veins, where they swell and act boldly under the skin, there are nodes, blood flow in them is incorrect. Varicose veins can affect anywhere on the body, but often he exposed the veins in the legs and feet, as they have high blood pressure when standing and walking. Achieve complete cure of varicose unfortunately impossible. However, the reduction of symptoms associated with venous stasis in the legs is quite possible with modern therapy.
The main task for varicose veins is to improve the blood vessels, removal of swelling and heaviness in the legs.

Gel Vazoleks Active of artlife company recommended for removal of fatigue in the legs, maintaining vascular tone and normalize circulation especially for varicose veins, as well as at high loads on the vessels. It reduces pain and swelling caused by venous insufficiency, traumatic and tension. Has both venotonic, sosudoukreplyayuschim, venoprotektornym and antioxidant properties.
The biological effect of the gel is due to active substances, which supplement each other, so that prevention and treatment of varicose veins are particularly effective. Troxerutin in liposomal system - restores the elasticity of veins and reduces the permeability of the vascular wall, reduces capillary fragility, strengthens and tones them, preventing edema and venous pattern on the skin. The active ingredients of the extract of ginkgo biloba improve microcirculation and reduce the risk of venous congestion and edema. Included in the extracts of willow, hypericum and oak bark strengthen the walls of blood vessels and have anti-inflammatory action.

Range of application of the Gel Vazoleks Active is not limited to diseases of the veins. The tool is also widely used in combination therapy of different states and can effectively help with ligament damage, injuries, bruises, post-traumatic hematoma, sprains, bruising and swelling of rheumatoid nature. As a precaution in the presence of risk factors: genetic predisposition, sedentary lifestyle, long stay on his feet, being overweight, high-heel shoes, sports, work related to the heavy load on the legs, wearing tight clothing. In addition, the gel will remove swelling and itching of insect stings. By law, he may become a necessary component of a home kit.

How to use: apply the gel 2-3 times a day, light massage movements (upward). Course of at least 3-4 weeks. If necessary, repeat.
The prevention of varicose veins cause gel 1 per day.

Comprehensive approach
 In the prevention and treatment is important to ensure internal and external flow of actively influencing substances. Therefore, for maximum therapeutic effect recommend combined use of Gel Vazoleks Active with biologically active complexes: Venatol, Neyrostrong, Jointflex, enzyme complex, ACEvit, FerroDok.

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