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Lecithin-gel with vitamins

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Introducing a new product in the line-BABY - «Lecithin-gel with vitamins for children. This is the first biologically active food supplement designed for daily nutritional support for brain and nervous system of the child.

BAA "Lecithin-gel vitamins, contains lecithin, vegetable, standardized on the content of phospholipids and vitamin complex (vitamins A, E and A and Group B), corresponding to the needs of the growing organism.

Lecithin (essential phospholipids) - a vital element that plays a huge role in ensuring the normal functioning of the body.
Unique gel product shape ensures maximum bioavailability of active ingredients, and excellent taste (taste apricot) make "Lecithin-gel" real treat for even the most capricious child.

Lecithin-gel is easy to use, easy dosed thanks to Scoops. The original aluminum tube perfectly preserves all the properties of the product.

Why use lecithin (phospholipids) children?
Lecithin - a basic substance that provides the necessary nutritional support for brain and nervous system, being the structural foundation of all cellular membranes of the human body. Therefore, it is especially needed during active growth and development when a particular load are the most important body systems - the nervous, circulatory, digestive, etc. Lecithin plays a vital role in the formation of resistance to early aging process. It is known that the atherosclerotic process begins early in life, but the intake in sufficient amounts of lecithin in a child's body does not allow solidification "plaque" and they quickly dissipate.

"Loading dose" of lecithin is required for children with high mental stress, and psycho-emotional stress. Lack of lecithin greatly affects the mental work: the child begins to cope poorly with the curriculum becomes distracted and inattentive, poorly remembers the information on lessons, more tired, etc. Also, lecithin is needed to combat child stressors experienced in everyday life (change of school or place of residence, conflicts with peers or teachers, etc.).

Lecithin of artlife company reduces irritability and crying at the weakened and sickly children, and also boosts the immune defense and the SOP rotivlyaemost to infections.
Acceptance of lecithin is shown to children at different functional disorders of the central nervous system, namely, delayed speech development, increased irritability, fatigue, enuresis. And also in diseases of the digestive system, especially the liver, and respiratory diseases.

• Optimizing the diet
• Increased mental and physical stress
• Prevention of deficiency of vitamins in the period of active growth and development
• fatigue, stress, psycho-emotional stress
• convalescence period after infectious diseases
• Functional disturbances and diseases of the nervous system.

Competitive advantages of the BAA "Lecithin Gel with Vitamins for Children:
1. One of the features of the new "Lecithin-gel" is that it contains phospholipids in 7,5 times more than 10 grams of the product than analog, which makes it more useful for children.
2. The product has expanded to a group of vitamins B (contained in 4.5 times more vitamin B12 per 100 grams of product, and added vitamin B9). These vitamins help to prevent anemia (processes proper blood). This suggests that the BAA "Lecithin-gel" with vitamins close to the Russian consumer and nutritional characteristics, as in the CIS hidden anemia detected more frequently than in the EU countries, and they are not always iron-and often they involve precisely with beriberi and the overall imbalance in the diet. Direct consequence of the prevention of anemia include the prevention of hypoxia (deficiency of oxygen in tissues).
3. BAA "Lecithin-gel" with vitamins Artlife not contain ascorbic acid, and hence will not cause risk of allergy and suitable even for children who have intolerance to citrus fruit, currants and other products containing vitamin C.

If your child shows no interest in learning, can not concentrate on lessons and homework, it is worth considering - perhaps in his diet lacking essential vitamins and lecithin.

Lecithin-gel with vitamins - a concern for the health of your child!

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