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Kissel on fructose

Novemb. 24 2010

Range of functional products adds a new series of dietary fruit kissels on fructose - Jelly Cherry-Raspberry and Blueberry-Blackberry Jelly.

Due to the high biological value and functional properties of the pudding enriched with fructose can be used as a multivitamin complex for inclusion in the diet therapy of children and adolescents, pregnant women, for those who are anemic or suffered serious illness, patients with diabetes, for targeted prevention of hypo-and avitaminosis and for people suffering from metabolic disorders.

In Cherry-Raspberry and Blueberry-Blackberry kissels on fructose of artlife company everything is harmonious. All nutrients are contained in a favorable combination for our bodies and are easily digested. Because caloric raspberries and cherries, as well as blueberries and blackberries low due to the fact that they contain fructose and glucose. Raspberries contain 5-11% of sugars, including ppeobladayut highly digestible fructose and glucose. In cherries contains 13.1% carbohydrates, mainly sugar and only a small fraction of sucrose (0.7%). It distinguishes cherry from the other stone fruits, where the amount of sucrose up to 7%. Cherry is one of the most versatile fruit that can be very confused with all the other berries, and the result is excellent.

In blueberries and blackberries are also a lot of fructose and glucose. It is now established that the blueberry juice have antidiabetic effects. It's healing properties due to the presence of glycosides and mirtillina neomirtillina able to reduce blood glucose levels. All nutrients contained in blueberries are much better assimilated by the body in interaction with berries blackberry.

The composition of the new kissels included an enhanced set of vitamins such as B1, B2, B5, B6 and lipoic acid, vitamins C, A, E, D and K. Trace elements zinc, copper, iodine and chromium are included in the composition of the jelly, and daily use are the prevention of deficiency of vitamins and minerals.
In addition, the new jelly have directed action:

- Jelly Cherry-Raspberry - a great tool for the prevention of colds, as included in the product concentrated raspberry and cherry juice has anti-inflammatory action.
- Jelly Blueberry-Blackberry - positive effects on metabolism, which is especially needed for people suffering from diabetes. In addition, blueberry juice concentrate, which is part of the product has a beneficial effect on the eyes, preventing eye strain at a high visual load.

Kissels basis is, of course, starch. Enveloping base jelly protects the mucous of the stomach and intestines from irritation of various toxic substances, stimulates the elimination of foreign substances, including salts of heavy metals and radionuclides. Therefore, the application kissels particularly useful for improving the absorption of nutrients and reduce the irritation of some medicines.

A particular advantage of the new kissels lies in the fact that portions of a single bank has more. Now a portion of jelly contains more vitamins, minerals, concentrated juice and less starch. Now, for the preparation of tasty and healthy drink enough of just two spoons!

How to prepare: a glass (200 ml), pour 2 teaspoons of jelly. Add a bit of cold boiled water dissolve the granules and add while stirring the remaining amount of hot water (96-98S). The intensity of flavor and density depend on the amount of added water.
1 cup ready-to-drink beverage corresponds to 0.8 grain per unit.

New jelly on fructose - a wholesome drink and dessert, which paint the your day with new colors and vibrant flavors. Besides all the useful properties jelly have a pleasant flavor and filled with natural fruit and berry taste.

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