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Whether you love to travel? Agree, a strange question, especially given the climate of our country. Probably not a single person who would not dream to change the autumn thaw or prolonged winter cold for a week or stay at one of the resort beaches.

Having been in an exotic country, you must remember to touch your toes white sandy marine lagoon, the warm wind blowing through your hair, smells of exotic plants and fruits, suddenly bright feathers of native birds ...

After such trips are colorful dreams, lots of photos, fond memories and almost child like sense of what you have been a fairy tale.
It is a collective image of exotic countries and dreams of faraway travel breathed into us the idea of creating a new line of Vitamin Mix exotic. The line includes three products for body care products: body scrub, shower gel and cream for the body soufflé.

The formulations of these products contain complex BeauPlex ™ VH, oil and exotic nut extracts makadamskogo exotic nutmeg. I wonder what these nuts are harvested only at certain times. For example, nutmeg collected at the time of disclosure (to three or more times per year), makadamsky starts to yield only 7-10 years old. Once the nuts are gathered, they are dried, cleaned and processed, strictly observing all the technological requirements. It is this approach that worked for centuries, allows you to save all the useful properties of nuts, so they bring the maximum benefit of a particle consisting of Vitamin Mix exotic. And their wonderfully subtle and gentle fragrance creates a mood and brings back fond memories of traveling.

Complex BeauPlex ™ VH

The complex was developed by DSM Nutritional Products, especially for companies Artlife. BeauPlex ™ VH - is a balanced composition of various vitamins for maximum biological activity of cosmetic formulations. This unique product consists of the following vitamins: E; B3; B6; B5 and C. It is in these vitamins our skin needs. Advantage of the complex BeauPlex ™ VH that vitamin C is in a stable form. This allows him the most active influence on the cell and provide powerful antioxidant action that will not slow down affect your appearance.
Complex BeauPlex ™ VH nourishes the skin with vitamins, it moisturizes and provides potent antioxidant effects on skin cells, thereby protecting them from premature aging.

Makadamian nut

Considered very valuable cosmetics and one of the best vegetable oils with an enhanced ability to penetrate and carry nutrients deep into the skin. Makadamian oil remains in the top layer of skin and assumes the role of a reliable defender against the harmful effects of the environment, especially in winter when the skin is dry and subject to constant stress.
Makadamian walnut oil is rich in vitamins A, E, B and PP, contains Omega 3, Omega-6. Different high content of palmitoleic acid, which helps restore the skin.
Walnut oil makadamskogo effectively nourishes, softens skin and removes its peeling. Acts as an antioxidant, preventing the destruction of cell membranes. Cosmetic products, which include the oil makadamian nut, is considered one of the best remedies for dry and dehydrated skin.


Over the centuries, and nutmeg, and mace felt love herbs, and self-nut tree - a plant of Aphrodite. Nutmeg is an aphrodisiac, favorite female half of humanity since ancient times. Fruits of muscat muscatel are essential oil, starch, protein, and 40% fat nutmeg oil containing psychotropic alkaloids nutmeg. In addition, nutmeg contains kaltsin, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A, B1, B2, OT.
Nutmeg extract has anti-inflammatory, soothes and tones the skin, stimulates circulation. Nutmeg combines the seemingly contradictory qualities: a very strong stimulant and also a calming effect on the central nervous system. And its warm, spicy, slightly peppery flavor emphasize your femininity and set up romantic.

Scrub Vitamin Mix exotic

As the warm sand from the coast caresses your skin as tiny particles of scrub gently exfoliate dead skin cells, while improving the micro skin, stimulating the microcirculation and cell regeneration.
During the procedure, exfoliation with a scrub you release the skin from the surface layer of cells, thus improving the supply of oxygen to the skin increases its susceptibility to the action of other body products line Vitamin Mix exotic. After this procedure, you will notice that the skin become more elastic, smooth and supple.

Shower Gel with Vitamin Mix exotic

Shower gel instantly takes you into the jungle, where the clear cool stream waterfall will give a feeling of freshness, fill the skin with life-giving moisture and improve its tone. The gel does not contain in the structure of soap, and thanks to a soft component, it cleans and dries the skin. Its natural wheat proteins moisturize the skin and restores its moisture balance and eliminate peeling.

Crème Soufflé Body Vitamin Mix exotic

You are standing on the shore and admire the seascape, the sun's rays with a sea breeze envelop your body, creating a feeling of bliss and bliss. Likewise, cream soufflé will wrap your body cool light and give a unique soft and silky.
Aerial texture cream soufflé instantly moisturizes and softens the skin, giving exceptional comfort. This moisture provides a part of the 100% natural complex Botamix ®, combining the useful properties of three plants: fig, flax seeds and cotton. Thanks to this moisturizing skin for a long time remains radiant and soft as silk.

And remember, it does not matter whether you have visited on the exotic island or just going to make the journey, the line of Vitamin Mix exotic - it's the fastest way to touch their dreams.

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