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What is endodontic treatment of teeth

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Everyone once in my life felt the discomfort all toothache. Toothache - this itemhe first sign that in the internal tissues of the tooth occur irrevocable processes that cause this pain. In this situation, you should immediately consult a doctor and find out the reasons for its occurrence. After easier to cure any disease in the early stages than in later. Therefore, in order not to bring the disease or tooth extractionuse of surgical treatment need not hesitate to visit a doctor.

The network of dental clinics "Guarantor" offers all kinds of treatment.

Endodontic treatment provides dental care for their conservation and fix problems in the periapical tissues of the oral cavity. Etabout one of the most important stages of a comprehensive and professional dental care. Statistics show 80% of such operations which carries clinic "Guarantor" are successful.

The essence of endodontic treatment is to eliminate the root canal infection prevention and spend the actiontions for further infection. That is, the first stage of infection is removed, and then sealing the root canal is performed. In such treatment the basic principles that apply this clinic have:

  • To conduct adequate flushing channels used titanium files;
  •   The introduction of irrigants using 5% sodium hypochlorite solution in the form of heat in the antimicrobial purposes;
  • The work is carried out by a dental microscope. It allows you to keep the tissue in the tooth, which will facilitate their restoration;
  • As a material for plombirovaniya AN resin is used.

That is, the treatment involves the most modern methods of professional endodontic treatment.

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