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What is actinomycosis

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The human body, in spite of all its perfection, is part of an existing membersponding ecosystems and, therefore, forced to coexist with different living forms that inhabit our planet. They are not always friendly to us, and some are pathogens of various serious diseases. For example, a fairly common group of disorders are those that are caused by a variety of fungal organisms.

In particular, one of the most common diseases in this group who do not have a specific geographical or ethnic predisposition is caused by a representative of a number of actinomycetes. By its very nature - is an infectious zabolevayie often chronic type, which is accompanied by the formation oftissue antinomikomy - hearth granulomatosis. From the point of view of medicine, actinomycosis, as well as any other infectious disease, characterized by a period of incubation, which unfortunately is not exactly set.

may occur as an acute and chronic form (as mentioned above) which is characterized byperiods of exacerbation and emissions. Virtually every form of actinomycosis is accompanied by the formation of zonal insensitive edema, which eventually softens and forms a so-called fistula. Other symptoms are quite similar to colds: fever up to   38 ° C, severe headache, malaise, violationsolution of the affected organ or system, and so on. n. Treatment in most cases requires the use of antibiotics in large doses.

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