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Cleaning the liver at home

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The human body is one of the Owlrshennyh on our planet. This is a striking structural symbiosis of a variety of vital organs and systems, each of which is responsible for its specific function, but it works perfectly in conjunction with all the others.

One of the most important components of our body is the liver - the most powerful universal filter that copes with those harmful substances and toxins that enter daily into our bodies, including through food. Their influence leads to the fact that the robot liver gradually broken, her condition worsens, and this is a direct threat to the operation and life of the whole organism.

Today, from the TV screens, we regularly hear about how bad our liver and that it should be regularly cleaned with miracle pills. Is it really? What is really going on with the liver? Why and how to clean the liver? It just a small list of questions, which should at least get people's attentionand taking care of your health.

The causes and mechanisms of disorders of the liver

As mentioned above, the liver is the main filter of the body, that is, through her daily are many substances, a lot of which is a real danger of   to the body, or it aggravateswork. As with any filter, in any technical means (car, vacuum cleaner, extractor fan), the liver has a tendency to accumulation of harmful substances (slagging). This occurs when the rate of arrival of toxins in the liver filter cloth exceeds the rate of excretion. Again, similar to any technical system, clogging fFiltering reduces the efficiency of the entire system, and ultimately all, serious problems (in the case of liver, this may lead to liver failure).

Techniques home cleaning liver

Despite all pharmaceutical hypnosis, which is shed for us on a daily basis in televizorah, not all those cures justify their complaint and are phony, at best, not bringing harm to the body. Throughout its long history, the people developed a natural, non medicated ways to deal with a clogged liver.

Let's look. Today we have hadnikalnuyu opportunity to unite the people of knowledge and the latest achievements of pharmacology, using the most effective means. The main emphasis in this case should be on the natural mechanisms work and cleaning the liver,   that is, the elimination of toxins in the bile. Therefore, the logical inference is the use of tools that activatecholagogic mechanism, and with it and cleaning the liver from excess toxins:

  • Application cholagogue. This group, like the pharmaceutical and herbal remedies, activating bile metabolism. Are the most effective drugs such as Allohol and Nicodin. Among folk remedies or medicines for travyanoy basis prevail rose, dandelion, yarrow, chicory, immortelle, celandine;
  • The use of mineral water. Highest choleretic effect have mineral water deposits Essentuki, Izhevsk, Smirnovskaya;
  • The use of hepatic. Group pharmaceuticalsin (Essenciale, Kars, etc.) increase the stability of liver metabolism and rate of excretion of toxins;
  • The use of solvents gallstones. This group of drugs (Henofalk, Ursosan) that contribute to the dissolution of cholesterol stones in the ducts, naturally barring the flow of bile.


Given the importance of the liver to the whole body, the question of its periodic, preventive treatment should be addressed. Naturally, you should not act on Guess and best of all in this regard to consult a doctor. Prevention protects the liver and prolong its service life.

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