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Choosing the right fryer

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To prepare the products by immersion in vegetablee used fryer oil price is quite affordable. In a deep fryer can cook like poultry, meat or fish and vegetables or fruit. This device has long been a favorite of many housewives. Besides the living conditions, and the fryer is used in cafeterias, canteens and restaurants.

The main advantage of buying -   convenience and bysTrot cooking. The small size also play a very important role, especially in the household.

When you select the device you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. According to the type of management fryers are divided into mechanical and electronicd. With thanks to the electronic button located on the display indicates temperature, cooking time;
  2. Dimensions of the device, additional functionality is determined capacity. High power for heating effect, the manufacturing of products;
  3. The maximum amountpotatoes are prepared in a deep fryer, defined indicators such as capacity (can vary within the limits of 200 g – 1,5 kg). An optimal device is designed for a capacity of 1 kg. Very handy when there is a possibility to cook as one portion or several;
  4. It is necessary to takeacknowledge special bowl (oil), particularly the material from which they are made, their volume. Manufacturers recommend that you follow strictly the instructions when filling the bowl. It is recommended to choose a model with bowls, which can be removed, which also affects the cleaning process;
  5. The heating mechanism is showntwo types: open and closed. Current models are provided with a closed heating element that affects the value. Service with a closed heating element is simpler than open;
  6. Removable and fixed filters to prevent odors. Disadvantage of removable is that itand require replacement, the advantage of – Reliable filtering of odors. Stationary, notably, there is no need to systematically replace, but they are a bit worse odor filter;
  7. Equipment Fryer presented: a mechanism to drain the oil into the container; Refuse oil, special looksvym window.

Knowing these characteristics, you can safely choose such an important instrument as the price which the fryer is on the buyer's choice.

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