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Treatment of mastitis

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Mastopatia — a benign breast disease, which is characterized by pathologic growsiem internal connective tissue. Emerging diseases due to violation of the hormonal balance in the female body. This disease has a significant impact on the overall state of many of the fairer sex, but in a lot of cases may end in the presence of a terrible diagnosis — breast cancer.

Inyounger age dominated manifestation proliferation of glandular tissue, after forty years of cystic commonly found form of the disease. However, the most advanced forms assumed proliferative form, it can cause the progression of cancer, or to become an impetus for cancer.

Normalon the pathogenic process begins with the proliferation of the glandular tissue in the female breast Trace seal plexus, sometimes seen pain symptoms.

As soon as there is a time in a state of anxiety to jump from one form to another. The most dangerous thing is that it is possible not to notice the backgrounds progression of benign tumors. For this reason, in the case of obvious problems with the breasts better to undergo additional medical examination associated with a variety of analyzes.


The most important – time to come to the doctor and begin treatment weighttopatii at an early stage of development, so that it does not turn into something more serious. Before the doctor will prescribe the best treatment of mastitis, will need to undergo multiple examinations.

is divided into two types: the hormonal and non-hormonal. Everything depends on the stage of development. To prescribe sedatives etc.To minimize the stress from stressful situations, a whole list of vitamins, which are involved in the hormonal setting, resulting in the order of the metabolism, as well as substance to establish hormone levels.

In the course of treatment of mastitis should stick to your diet: to minimize the intake of fats of any species;eat more vegetables, bran, fruits, rich in vitamin « C & raquo ;, and fresh cabbage. Better to have and not canned, salted and smoked products.

There are several methods of treatment of mastitis, including medical treatment of mastitis. Due to the impressive experience of studying this disease in IslandDenia has several medical treatments that are time-tested.

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