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Gonartroz: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of

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gonarthrosis knee strikes – it is prone to progression defeat xryascha particularly intraarticular not inflammatory.

Most often this disease affects women of middle age and the elderly, as well as subject to constant heavy loads people injured (for example, professional athletes). An important role in the prevention of such illness plays Professorilaktika.

Symptoms of the disease

It all starts gradually. At first, namely the first stage, a potential patient may disturb tolerable pain when moving, giving itself felt, especially during descent, climbing stairs, while in the area of ??the joint can occur feelingix stiffness.

A typical indicator of the disease – pain when rising from a sitting position or when the first steps, the so-called « starting pain & raquo ;. Then the pain dissipated, but again reminds himself after heavy loads.

Externally knee NeiEdit, except for a possible slight swelling, fluid accumulation occurs less frequently, from which emanates a sense of gravity and, consequently, limited mobility.

Next, the disease develops more intensively increases and quickens the pain during movement able to finish a rough crunch, the joint changes in the direction of extendedIa.

The last stage is characterized by permanent pain, and how while walking and at rest.

survey in gonarthrosis

Diagnostics gonartroza involves radiography of the knee. This study hasher to clarify the diagnosis, definition of the expression changes, monitoring the dynamics of the process (to take pictures through a time).

This method of diagnosis reinforces its position « core » due to its availability and relatively low cost, however, this way is not always possible yougonartroz manifest in the early stages.

In the study of X-ray is necessary to consider the fact that the majority of older people may experience certain changes characteristic of the disease, but they are not always accompanied by pathological symptoms.

Treatment gonarthrosis

It should be understood that the treatment of gonarthrosis should engage qualified podiatrists. Self disease is unacceptable!

to begin therapy, ideally as early as possible, in acute patients prescribed rest, and as an immediate treatment: mThe massage, physiotherapy, physical therapy, possibly mud treatment. Drug therapy or is taking medication – Vice synovial fluid and drugs, the effect of which is aimed at improving the metabolic processes in the joint. In some cases, steroids are introduced.

Walk this PACientam recommended with a cane and sometimes use individual insoles and special splints. Important rule: avoid unnecessary stress on the joint, physical activity, wear comfortable shoes, to respect the day following the diet and weight.

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