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Hot Chocolate Sweet Woman - tasteful Beauty.

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Hot Chocolate Sweet Woman

We offer you the second product series «Food Cosmetics», cosmetic or cooking - hot chocolate «Sweet Woman». A thick, refreshing drink with a rich chocolate flavor - the source of your energy, youth and beauty.
The ancient Aztecs believed chocolate drink of the gods. From the Aztec chocolatl (foamy water), and the word was chocolate - «chocolate." Once in Europe, along with the conquistadors, long time chocolate was available only to high-light. A cup of hot chocolate for dessert was a sign of good taste in all of Europe's high society, a sign of wealth and respectability. He is credited with many medicinal properties, including the properties of an aphrodisiac.
Cocoa stimulates the synthesis of endorphins in the body, causing a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment, as well as serotonin, increases vitality and preventing depression.
Recent studies have found that a cup of cocoa contains five times more antioxidants than black tea, three times more than in green tea and twice as much as in red wine.
Which is part of coenzyme Q10 drink plays a major role in the energy processes in the cells of our body. Opening in 70 years of this extremely effective anti-age ingredient without purpose Nobel Prize: from him, first of all, depends on the life of the cell, which means - health, youth and the proper functioning of all organs. It slows down the aging process and prolong youthfulness of skin. In addition, it strengthens the cardiovascular system.
Vitamin C - an important vitamin for the health of our skin, teeth and hair. It is involved in all recovery processes in the skin, is responsible for its elasticity and wrinkles. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, removes toxins from the body.

Ginseng Chinese medicine considers the "root of life", which gives health and prolong youthfulness. He is an excellent adaptogen, allowing the body to fight the effects of physical and mental stress. Ginseng increases vitality and performance, reduces fatigue, restores lost strength.
Ginseng extract improves skin elasticity, accelerating cell renewal of the epidermis, normalizes water-salt and protein balance, oxygenates skin cells, promotes the production of skin lipids.

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