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Copper rolled and types

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A major breakthrough in the field of science, in particular in the area of ??metal technologyin, material, allowing you to create new types of composite materials and alloys, able to work in very different conditions of external and internal environment. However, this does not mean that this movement is not a place for good old and proven materials, had seen much in the history of man. One of these materials, IS THE copper, which at the time played a major role in the development of mankind.

The use of copper in the industry

At the current stage of development of the industry, it is still widely used as copper itself (in the form of various fittings) and other materials (alloys)In which copper is the basic component:

  1. Brass - a multi-component alloy of copper (60 to 96%), zinc, tin and other elements;
  2. Bronze - an alloy of copper (35 to 99%) and tin, with the addition of other alloying computeronentov;
  3. Melchior, Monel, nickel silver, constantan - alloys of copper and nickel in different proportions;
  4. duralumin - aluminum alloy with copper (about 4-5%), widely used in the aviation industry.

The properties of copper

Enough widespread use of copper and its alloys on an industrial scale due to its characteristic properties, the most important of which are:

  • The low resistivity (in electrical respectsu). This feature allows you to make extensive use of copper as the material of wire products (power cables, windings, semiconductors);
  • The high coefficient of thermal conductivity of . Due to this, copper is widely used for production of conducting elements heating equipment (pipes, heat exchangers, radiators, etc.);
  • The mechanical strength and ductility . It makes extensive use of copper for the production of rolled metal products.

Lines of rolled copper

propTwain was the last, and I would say in more detail, because it is used for the manufacture of parts and systems. The use of copper in the form of rolled significantly standardize and unify production, which ultimately leads to cheaper products. In practice, the following basic:

  • Circle . Metallurgical Plant produces copper rods with a diameter of 3 to 50 mm, making them ideal for the production of rotary parts, gears, washers, shafts and so on. P.;
  • Wire . Rent a circular cross-section with a diameterfrom 0.5 to 6.5 mm, which is widely used for the manufacture of cable products;
  • bars . Rent a circular cross-section (from 5 to 160 mm) and cut length (1000 or 3000 mm), which is widely used in the aircraft industry for the manufacture of rotary parts;
  • Sheet . The flat rectangular metal (standardized sheet size - 600h1500 mm), thickness from 0.5 to 60 mm. It is used in the production of different housing, stampings ;
  • strip . Movement sheet metal thickness of 0.4 to 6 mm, having ayuschy different width (20 to 120 mm) and a length (from 500 to 2000 mm). Used as a roofing material;
  • Tube . Also, one of the most popular types of rolled copper, widely used for the production of components of heating equipment, heating systems, technology truboprovodov. They are made of copper tubes with a diameter of 3 to 360 mm and a wall thickness - from 0.8 to 30 mm;
  • Bus . In fact, it's the same band, but prepared for use in electrical engineering.


Copper is a reliable profaithful to the material time, which in the form of various styles widely and successfully applied in various sectors of the economy.

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