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What is thrush (candidiasis)

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The world that surrounds us, it is enough raznooBraz, even in the part that we are able to cover the systems of touch, and above all - vision. However, there are other parts that we do not see with the naked eye, as they say, but that clearly is constantly surround us and are in close contact. This world - a world of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other boleznetvomolecular weight, parasitic microorganisms that are present in large numbers in the life of any person. Some of them carried out, in principle, a positive effect on a person, others can cause minor troubles, and others - and does lead to serious diseases.

What is Candida

enough trouble as from the point of view of psychology, and a real danger to the health of genital infections are caused by different viruses, bacteria and fungi. Almost all of them are able to spread through sexual contact. Moreover, some are a real threat human life (such as gonorrhea, syphilis), otherse able to seriously undermine his chances of sexual health and have offspring, and others - are present in most people, sometimes bringing discomfort. One such disease is candidiasis or thrush. According to the site, from the point of view of gynecology, vaginal candidiasis is a fungal infection provoked increasingthe concentration of it in the woman's vagina fungus Candida albicans, which are diploid yeast form. In most cases, this kind of fungus present in the body of any person, making the normal microflora of the oral cavity, colon and the same sheath. But as often happens (for example, the same Helicobacter pylori, causing stomach ulcers) in normal concentration, they are even benefits.

The development of yeast

In the case where the concentration of fungi in the vaginal cavity rises (due to a sharp reproduction or joining more aggressive, pathogenic strains) develops thrush.As it happens, one of the causes of the disease, in addition to increasing the concentration is the overall decline in immune function, thereby weakening a natural barrier and containment mechanisms fungal growth are denied. By and large, candidiasis can affect not only the vaginal mucosa, although it is with him and his associate. Timepersonal forms of fungus hit the nail plate, skin, mouth, intestines. Moreover, there is a disease, not only women but also men (about the methods of dissemination mentioned above).

The symptoms of vaginal candidiasis

The most common yeast infection in women is accompanied hatic white vaginal discharge which looks a bit like the structure of the curd. In addition, the symptoms observed characteristic sensation of itching, burning sensation in the genital area, unpleasant and pungent odor from the genital area. Thrush is also characterized by pain during sexual intercourse.

Treatment of thrush

For the treatment of thrush used as topical preparations, invaginalnogo action (e.g., suppositories) and oral products (pills, tablets).

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