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Attention, the competition!
One of the most exciting moments of the Golden Festival 2011 was the celebration of the winners of "Next to health and beauty with Artlife", which was held in the magazine last year. Stories of people who have attained remarkable results thanks to Artlife, cause to believe that miracles happen, but luck is always worth it!

So we took the decision: from now on this will be an annual contest! All the more so that the letters with amazing stories continue to come to the editor!

Take part in the competition may any Partner!
Share your victories! Spread the word:
- What results have you achieved by using products Artlife?
- How Artlife changed your life?

Bidders will receive valuable prizes: sets of products, training literature, as well as gifts for the guests. Your stories will be published in the magazine and on a special website which will launch in the near future.
The main prizes - 3 vouchers for anniversary festival success!
3 winners will go on an unforgettable journey with Artlife!

Write to us:,

634034, Tomsk, ul. Nakhimov, 8 / 2, "Planet Artlife."

Do not forget to attach your picture to the letter!

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