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The most common diseases of the teeth

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There are few people in the world that the word dentist or patienttooth remain calm. For most people, these words, at best, cause excitement. Dental pain experienced by many. Why do we have teeth deteriorate and rot, because nature gives all healthy and strong teeth. And the study of some doctors have confirmed it. There are tribes in Africa, America, where people do not know what memoriesbnaya pain. Scientists have come to the conclusion that bad teeth – It is the result of malnutrition. Separately, we note that the teeth - it's like a mirror the state of internal organs.

From healthy teeth depends on human health. Decayed teeth can cause complications: loss of appetite, headache and heart bol. It affects the condition of the teeth and the entire skeletal system and cause diseases such as arthritis, polyarthritis. Whatever it was, but each tooth that is causing you discomfort, you should immediately be treated to stop the infection and did not infect the body.

What are the main diseases TEETH

  1. Caries- this hole formation on the tooth surface, resulting in tooth decay within. There are four stages of tooth decay. From the appearance of a small speck of   the tooth to its partial destruction;
  2. Pulpitis - an inflammation of the pulp, popularly nerve of the tooth;
  3. Periodontitis – is an inflammation of the tooth root.   Periodontitis is dangerous because it occurs almost painless, and there is an infection inside the tooth, and thus affects the body as a whole.

modern dentistry

Modern technology has allowed us to partially afraid of dentists. After the treatment is happening todayie almost painless. So leave your phobias at home and visit the dentist and do. For toothache, and the consequences of your procrastination could be much worse. Anesthesia new generation will make this procedure so that you will forever cease to be afraid, you will not feel pain. And most importantly - you will not see even the syringe, you will not frightenlarge needle, because now use the cartridge with a needle thin.   And you can just anoint the place of treatment analgesic gel. This gel is most commonly used to treat teeth in the youngest patients.

The modern dental clinics provide all services in the field of dentistry. All treatmentsfrom a simple tooth decay to periodontal disease. Much attention is paid to the treatment, and the tooth is removed only as a last resort, because the new teeth will not grow. &Nbsp;  

white smile – The dream of everyone!

Modern     clinics will help you become the owner of a white-toothed smile. It is possible today,thanks to modern materials. Problems with enamel, jagged tooth or a broken piece of tooth - all   are highly trained specialists.   In this case, perform restoration or recovery of layering and the enamel of the teeth.

If you are missing several teeth, you will need dentures. SoAlso in such clinics to help in the restoration of the proper growth of teeth or bite.

About your teeth should never be forgotten. You are always on the teeth must be the time, otherwise the consequences could be dire. Perform some simple tips and your smile will envy!

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