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Replacing the missing tooth

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Despite all the visible and conspicuous places perfection of man (in the sense of his body) over the rest of natureHe is still an integral part of it and has a continuous relationship with her. This leads to the fact that the person depending on genetic characteristics and the way of life is subject to the development of various diseases, some of which cause visual discomfort, while others - a real threat to life and health. One of the most common Tipoin human diseases are diseases of the teeth. This is what in your life is facing the vast majority of people and the times. Among all dental diseases palm indisputably retains caries, which leads to the formation of holes in the enamel characteristic which gradually extends to the inner layers of a tooth, leading to its degradationth. If you run the cavities so that there would be serious tooth decay, then definitely we have to deal with the phenomenon of pain from nerve injury, to sustain that, at times, does not help even a tablet. Out of this situation will be one - the inevitable visit to the dentist, usually when it is already impossible to tolerate, and this, in turn,often leads to the fact that it is necessary to remove a bad tooth.

What threatens the absence of teeth

missing for one reason or another tooth - a phenomenon that can be said, and not so rare. Anyone who does not go to the root of the matter, to say that the lack of teeth - this is purely a cosmetic defect, from whichth can be humble and live, especially if it is a distant molar, which can not be seen clearly. But in fact, the missing tooth can play a cruel joke with the person bringing in the long run, more serious problems. The fact that the missing tooth disrupts the natural distribution of efforts between the remaining teeth, which can lead to furthermu fainting dentition, decrease stability, the appearance of more severe periods, due to the displacement of adjacent teeth. It is the loss of a soldier in the ranks of the phalanx close that it slowly destroys and causes loss of combat capability.

How to replace a missing tooth

Replace the missing tooth can bejust as well as missing limbs - with the help of a dental prosthesis. It is an artificial analogue of the tooth, which is designed to restore the integrity of the dentition, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also functional purpose. Depending on the case, physiological characteristics, financial capability, may occur in one of threeways:

  • Fixed . This approach, in which set of dentures fixed and rigidly fixed in place. After installing these types of dentures are worn constantly. Fixation of the prosthesis in the mouth is due to binding to the adjacent teethwith special composite materials (crowns, bridges, veneers) or by installing artificial tooth root (implant);
  • removable . Such an approach is justified in the case face a significant lack of teeth. All denturesThey fall into the partially, conditionally and fully removable;
  • Combination . This comprehensive approach to dental orthopedics, in which the final prosthesis combines elements of two previous types.


The loss of a tooth - is not only a blow to the ego, but the real obstacle to the normal functioning of the dentition. Fortunately, today dentistry has a sufficiently wide range of materials and techniques of prosthetics, which are able to compensate for the loss and return the normal capacity of the mouth.

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