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Ancient Chinese method of healing the body: the effectiveness and contraindications

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Acupuncture, Acupressure, acupuncture, or Zhen Jiu-therapy – It is all one method of treatment which involves administering to a well-defined point of the body of metal needles of various lengths. Reasons for choosing this type of treatment may be different, but many patients say that namebut this method allowed them to get rid of complex diseases.

Acupuncture: a short summary

Acupuncture is of several types – acupuncture and ignipuncture. Moxibustion – this is moxibustion point pressed sticks of medicinal plants. Acupuncture – this is the introduction of needles into the body atspecial tilt at a special level. This type of treatment is able even to stop the bleeding. Both types of therapy have come up with ancient Chinese healers. It was widely used in ancient Chinese medicine, but spread to the European countries, due to its effectiveness. Now it is used in classical medicine. The fact that664 points of the human body, and each of these points is responsible for a particular organ or body part. Each point is different particular sensitivity to their unique level of metabolic processes, electric potential, electric resistance .. All these points are important to consider when acupuncture. There are several ways to putNotices needles – they are administered by slow rotation, a pang, a quick shot in the transition to a slow rotation. In humans, there are different feelings – aches, passage of electric current ... It is a measure of loyalty introducing needles.

The effect of acupuncture

To acupuncture brought tangible the resultsYou need to spend 10 – 15 sessions. Sessions are held in a day or two. You can spend and daily. When acupuncture is moderately sensitive nerve branches are irritated skin, muscle, blood vessels, thereby improving the nervous system, regulating the work of the organs and tissues, improves hormonal balance.

The positive side andgloukalyvaniya:

  • The most important thing in this procedure – improvement of human natural way, without antibiotics, surgical intervention, etc. Man does not injure the stomach, liver harmful chemistry.
  • This technique is ideal for the prevention of disease or in their early stages. It gives very good results.
  • Acupuncture is used in China as early because the positive effect on the emotional state. During the procedure, the patient calmed down and forget about all their activities and problems.

The cases where acupuncture is forbidden

Acupuncture has its contraindications. Of course, idiocy is a continuous recourse to acupuncture, if you have an acute attack of appendicitis and started bleeding from internal organs, or even worse – tumor formation. Here acupuncture is inappropriate.

There are a number withLuciano, when this method is used it is not necessary: ??

  • Not recommended acupuncture for pregnant women. And to be precise, it is forbidden certain points on the body of pregnant women (GL4, RP6, V60, V67) and abdominal area.
  • It is necessary to wait with Acupuncture patient with a full stomach. This also applies to the hungry papatient.

Prohibited Zone is fontanelle in babies infants.

  • Do not inject the needle into the blood vessels.
  • It is forbidden to hold a session of acupuncture man, who was very tired or weak.

To understand - whether you need acupuncture treatment or not, you should visit an experienced specialist. Advised to contact the clinic « & raquo ;, Janko where experts with great experience, who will consult and familiarize yourself with different types of treatment, for example tell him what many people do, but they know little about it. Type of treatmentYou can select only when you carry out a survey of the body and do the necessary tests. Only then it will be clear – you need treatment or prevention of certain diseases.

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