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What is natural cosmetics?

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In the beginning of the century, scientists predicted that cosmetics based on natural ingredients, bThere will demand. After some time, their predictions have come true. Professionals working in the field of manufacture of cosmetics, say that in the near future, more people will take an interest in such products. Let's see what a natural cosmetics.

It includes components consistingoyaschie from natural raw materials. These are substances that have been converted environmentally friendly methods are the basis of natural cosmetics. Of course, these tools do not allow   the magical transformation in a short time, but they are more beneficial to the human body and are easier to digest. The main   the purpose of such cosmetics isimprove skin condition.

There are a number of necessary conditions that can be called natural cosmetics:

  • The absence in the coloring and other harmful substances that are harmful to the skin;
  • In the process of manufacture of cosmetics are not used   neftesoderzhaschie components;
  • Tests of production should not be carried out on animals.

It is best to buy organic cosmetics that have a certificate confirming their quality, for example,.

The main difference between natural cosmetics – is its foundation. ABOUTagain   grown   without the aid of chemicals, and not to succumb to the influence of harmful substances. As part of using only natural ingredients. &Nbsp;

How to choose?

When choosing a cosmetics should pay attention to:

  • packaging itshall be clean;
  • fragrance means with elements of specific medicinal herbs. Scents of flowers and berries can be present only if there is a part of the natural oils.
  • the appearance of a liquid, most often it is heterogeneous, because natural ingredients can thicken or flake.

  Cosmetics by nature has pros and cons. Let's look at them.


  • The set includes only environmentally friendly and harmless substances.
  • Suits   even the most sensitive skin, as it contains no chemicals.
  • Harmless to pregnant women (there are hypoallergenic series)
  • It is very effective in – the presence in its composition of natural oils.
  • It does not cause addiction.
  • It is an environmentally clean and safe.


  • The short term useand storage.
  • You may receive a   an allergic reaction to some components.
  • The effect is not lightning fast, but quality.
  • Sometimes it   an unpleasant smell.

To summarize

With proper selection of natural cosmetics that fitsfor you can without harming the organism to eliminate the problems associated with the skin. The structure of natural cosmetics are only ecologically clean and harmless components, so it does not cause dependence.

Discovering all the benefits of cosmetics from nature, you will soon abandon the ordinary. The most important thingie when choosing   – is the need to consult with an experienced dermatologist to choose the tool that will be right for your skin type. And do not forget to carefully study the composition and shelf life.

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