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The effects of alcohol on the body. Alcohol Treatment

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No matter how strong was not promoting a healthy lifestyle, the problem of alcoholism continues to be relevant. Dependence on alcohol is one of the worst and deal with it by yourself Can not very many. Many young people think that they are fully in control, and drinking with friends does not threaten their healthy foovyu. But it is this self-confidence often played a bad joke with people, forcing then to contact Narcologist. Find a good psychiatrist in the city you can use the online database of doctors.

The process of intoxication

Once in the stomach, alcohol is in the bloodwithin two minutes. So begins his long journey to all the cells and organs of the body, up to the brain. After the defeat of the cerebral hemispheres person is no longer able to properly control his body, broken control of his movements. For the same reason emancipated and emotions, human   becomes fun, the world around seems betterand more interesting. With each new portion of alcohol situation is aggravated, and the behavior of the drinker at all stops to resemble a human.

The extent of disruptions of the nervous system depends precisely on the concentration of alcohol in the blood.

0,04-0,05% - the cerebral cortex is disconnected, lost conTroll on themselves and the ability to reasonable arguments.

0,1% - affects the deeper parts of the brain responsible for movement control. It appears causeless joy, excitement, restlessness. The truth at some of the people such a concentration of alcohol can cause the opposite state of despondency and lethargy.

0,2% - the effect occurs in those areas of the brain responsible for emotional behavior. You may see no inherent human aggressive behavior.

0,3% - the state of alcoholic stupor. The man is in the mind, but it loses grip on reality.

0,4% - provokes the complete loss of consciousness. The man seemed to fall asleep, his breathing while uneven, there may be involuntary urination.

0,6-0,7% - the strongest poisoning the body, often with fatal consequences.

Alcohol Treatment

In the early stages to get rid of alcohol addiction person may need only a strong desire. But this period in any case be difficult for him and for his family. Completely overcome the problem of patients to help doctors and drug treatment often psychologists. In case of failure or worsening of the problem we can always familya psychiatrist call home in Kharkov.

The earlier a person is aware of its dependence, the faster he can get rid of it. Alcohol – very insidious enemy that quietly and gradually able to slay even the strongest man. Be attentive to yourself and your family, and do not let alcohol ruinyour life.

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