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Pumpkin pancakes with kefir

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The human body is designed so that to meet all residential and industrial problems it optionallygo to spend their inner energy. Of course, since much we live in this world, and our bodies are subject to the fundamental laws of physics, in particular, the law of conservation of energy. This means that using up your own energy, it is necessary to recover naturally from the outside, because inside it is no more. Proiskhodit is due to the food that we eat every day several times. Digesting food, not only the body releases the energy necessary to restore the balance of its own power, but also saturates nutrients that regulate the operation of all systems of the body (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, etc.).Therefore, the food - it is a complex energy.

What is food?

Of course, eating food strife, so something is not always what is really useful, is delicious, and what can be harmful - on the contrary, draws its taste . Nevertheless, people have learned to cook delicious and healthyth, at the same time, domestic food long before the industry and changed the chemistry of the advantage in their favor. Agree, practically every one of us remembers as a child Single mother or grandmother bakes for its much-loved grandchildren lush, hearty and rosy pancakes. On how and what they do, and what the benefits of their use, we will try toRatko tell later in this article.

What are pancakes?

Pancakes are a culinary product, dish, visually resembling cake. Pancakes are prepared zazharivaya the very cakes of batter. In traditional (classical) form, the dough is kneaded on the basis of eggs and flour in milk or water. Frittersmore compact and lush, unlike the pancakes, which are also made from zhibkogo test. Moreover, in contrast to the same pancake batter in preparation for fritters add soda or yeast (in fact it gives them a characteristic pishnuyu form). Naturally, in such a way as main ingredients can be used and cheese (such pancakes are calledvatsya cheesecakes), and grated potatoes (potato pancakes) and a pumpkin.

The recipe for pumpkin pancakes with kefir

Like any other pancakes, pumpkin is also preparing a special recipe, which is based on a different set of ingredients:
- pumpkin - 400 g;
- flour - about 100 grams;
- yogurt (can be replaced by prostokvAshu) - 150 ml;
- chicken eggs - 2 pcs;
- sugar - about 50 grams
prigtovleniya technology does not differ from the standard for the pancakes. Of course, to start on a grater frays main ingredient - pumpkin. Then, thereto is added gradually and mixed until a homogeneous dough mass remaining components. Well and toNCU all happening frying tortillas in the pan.

The benefits of pumpkin pancakes

The benefits of this dish is mainly based on the properties of the main ingredient - pumpkin. It is dietichesskim product has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract and liver. Furthermore, since itwin a rare vitamin T, K, C, PP and B group vitamins.

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