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Basic rules of the modern selection of quality bedding

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All our health, of course, supported by good qualityennym sleep. And such a good sleep it depends on all of our comfort in bed. Bed linen quality here is very important. One of the best is a company Epiteks.

The experts directly recommend the selection of high-quality bedding guided course, The following rules:

1. Worth just pay attention to the quality of the material (material types):

  • sheeting - is the most unique and common, simple modern practical cotton fabric, it does not require very careful maintenance, can withstand a lot of your directly washes may of course be differentI'm in quality;
  • satin - is also a good fabric of the unique chemical or cotton fibers, its front surface is smooth and very silky braiding directly with a double-twisted yarns, all this fabric is durable, stand where is about 300 washes, and can not iron ;
  • percale - quality hlopchatobumazhnaya durable fabric passes the modern special treatment, getting in front of her tenderness and softness itself, has a high-quality plain weave, retains all the heat and also allows the body to breathe well, can serve for a long time;
  • cotton - inexpensive and, of course, a popular fabric, a cotton zhaty not directly mpebuet ironing;
  • or Jacquard ("damask fabric") - a unique fabric with a beautiful pattern in the very texture, it is very complicated weave, and it can be based on good quality silk or   cotton directly with exquisite embroidery;
  • silk - beautiful and very expensive natural fabric quality soft yarn is uniquetion of the cocoon of the silkworm, it is flexible and robust, based on it makes a great chic satin, gas, and velvet, it can not be soaked and washed in a very caustic powders, much to twist and squeeze;
  • lawn - quality cotton and durable linen fabric, it is thin and of course translucent, her plain weave,and from the twisted yarn,   produce high-quality printed, bleached Baptiste;
  • high-quality linen fabric - very durable, can directly absorb all the moisture has a very high heat and of course, the air permeability, it is in   our countries, it is inexpensive, unlike the Greater Europe;
  • bamboo unique tKan - natural and very   shiny, durable beautiful fabric has anti-microbial unique properties, it is immediately softer cotton, but the quality is the same as silk.

2. You define all the tissue density and quality of tailoring, finish.

3. Consider neposredsTwain color, and all the color of linen, blue and green colors will help you relax, yellow and orange directly boost your mood, red of course, it gives a sense of confidence and activity.

4. Learn course, all about comfort care for their bedding, pay great attention to all requirementsI have the material, namely, the   Additional features of modern elements to the laundry.


Immediately there are many factors that are worth paying attention to, but you need to remember that beautiful and high-quality clothes you can buy in the Ukrainian manufacturersI « Epiteks & raquo ;. And for good order and quality lingerie you can simply visit the website and select your set.

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