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The technology of reverse osmosis

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One of the global problems is the lack of drinking water, as well as its quality. Why not just take the inhabitants of the planet are ready to provideyourself quality water for drinking. It is no secret that today from our taps, you can get anything you want, just do not water that is safe to eat. And really, what is not only the color of the water flowing from the taps: the yellow and brown and sometimes green. That's what people think of cleaning water. Who buys the finished, packaged in bottles, toit orders the water from the spring. Some pitchers are saved filters, some have filters on taps. In general, the methods of treatment today, there are many. &Nbsp; Sometimes you think, and suddenly conspired filter manufacturers with the utilities to make money by selling filters? &Nbsp; But this, of course, just a guess, but the truth is that a-quality drinking water wants to be better.

The technology of reverse osmosis

reverse osmosis technology is used in case of severe water pollution. Also, using a reverse osmosis drinking water can be obtained by desalting seawater. Therefore, these systems are very well established in the countries drought ever happens, for example, Israel and others. Also, the use of this technology is widely used in commercial and military vessels. You can buy the company Vodeko.
Filters based on this technology – it is today, the most advanced water treatment at the molecular level.   Such filters can purify water to the level Prigone for drinking water directly from the tap. The water is no longer necessary to boil or freeze in the freezer. &Nbsp;

How to choose a reverse osmosis system?

Buy a reverse osmosis system does not make any difficulties, especially today, but still consider some expert advice you need, and, if possible, Presleyushatsya them. For equipment – it is quite complicated, and is used for water purification varying degrees of contamination. In addition, you can Spend money for nothing, buying system is not appropriate, you can do cheaper. Therefore, before purchasing this system, you need a thorough analysis of the degree of water pollution. From this dependenceSit equipment installation, and hence the price. Cleaning systems there are 4 stages and 8. What you need depends on to water. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the performance of the membrane and the water pressure in the water. You may need to install the pump, then the system will grow and the price. It is necessary to take into account such factors as the type of source waters (river or underground), mineralization, etc..   Finally, a significant effect on the price of the manufacturer and the brand.

The standard filter for all reverse osmosis systems are able to eliminate traces of petroleum products, heavy metals, various bacteria and viruses, virtually all of the most characteristic in water pollution.However, it should be noted that eliminating all impurities are eliminated all the necessary minerals required for the normal functioning of the human body. To compensate for this, you must purchase the device for payment. &Nbsp;


As you see, choose a system towater filtration based on reverse osmosis technology common man is not so simple.   Need expert advice. To do this, and there are store managers « & raquo ;, Vodeko able to answer all your questions. &Nbsp; And then after installing the system, you can enjoy the taste, almost spring water, with the only difference that thethis water is flowing out of your tap!

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