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Use of anechoic chambers

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Find the best truly quiet places on the planet impossible. Even being on a desert island, youYou will hear the sound of the surf, the singing of birds, the rustle of the wind. Still, there are places, and the name of his anechoic chamber. It is a place where not hear your own echo, which can not penetrate the sounds from the outside, and electromagnetic waves. This is a room that simulates an infinitely open space and where you can go crazy if you were in there.The noise of his own blood flowing through your veins, you will hear very clearly. But this room is needed for research, breaching different experience, especially in the aerospace industry. Nowadays, the development of applied electrodynamics is very necessary process, especially if we are talking about an area such as, in particular a change of their xCharacteristics in the scattering of electromagnetic waves. This knowledge is needed and how scientists working in the design of radar systems, and designers of aircraft. But anechoic chambers have been applied in other sectors.

Lines anechoic chambers

anechoic chamber are of two types:

  • RF;
  • speakers.

In the acoustic chamber, it does not affect the sound from the walls, and in the radio-frequency radio waves are not reflected. All anechoic chamber is constructed so as to isolate them from external and another signal (sound or radio frequency). The camera uses a special material coatingI have the floor, walls and ceiling, capable of absorbing all the sounds or radio waves.

The acoustic anechoic chamber

  In these chambers simulates unlimited space. All sounds, publishes a sound source, do not return, and are absorbed by the material covering the walls, floor, ceiling. In these cameras measureie the sensitivity of the acoustic equipment (microphones, speakers, etc.). Just measure and study the optimal distribution of the noise from the operation of industrial facilities or products. Also often anechoic chambers often use producers or performers to record and listening to music.

RF anechoic chambers

RF anechoic chamber, externally similar to the acoustic, with the only difference being that the camera is used in the RF coating material for the absorption of radio waves. Everything else is identical.
Of course, in these cells is carried out completely Other studies, such as:

  • focus the radiation antennas;
  • the study of electromagnetic compatibility.

The measurements are often carried out at the facilities of a full-size, such as an aircraft, sometimes make scale models, but also proportionally reduced if the wavelength of the radar radiation.


Howsee, all of the above, the anechoic chamber in great demand today for all kinds of research. In addition, many manufacturers for their research using the camera for testing their products. For example, testing the quality of a mobile call or the loudspeaker and much more. In such an anechoic chamber may be thosestirovat and people studying the human condition in silence and isolation, and whether it is possible to cause hallucinations, stay in this room.

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